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Hey everyone, following PS4 PKG Sender v1.03 I have created XNA RPKGMAN: XNA Remote Package Manager which is a fully dynamic, lightweight package manager that only requires NodeJS/NPM and runs on a headless server (no desktop needed).

It implements 90% of the functionality @flatz provided. If you have a NAS where you store your files you can have the manager run on the same server for maximum speed!

Dynamic means: progress bars / status update asynchronously, no need to hit refresh. If you're interested, here is the link:

Download: / GIT

Example scenario: Let's say you have a NAS where you store all your files, then you can install the package manager on the same server which will give you maximum transfer speeds!

Known limitation: By design the Remote Package Installer API does not provide a function to list the installed packages. Therefore in order to uninstall a game/dlc/patch the title id has to be manually entered.

Here's more about it from the Remote Package Manager by XNA

This is a lightweight installation manager for pkg files. It comes with a fully dynamic front-end using only jquery, jquery-ui and js-cookie (for storing tasks). NodeJS/NPM is the only component required to run the webserver.

The manager can run on a headless server (no desktop needed). Ideally this server should be have direct and fast access to pkg files!

  • NodeJS
  • NPM (Node Package Manager)
  • PS4 Remote Package Installer
  1. Clone repository, cd into extracted directory
  2. Install modules: npm install
  3. Edit config.json (see below)
  4. Start server:
  • To start in foreground (e.g. in screen): node index.js
  • To start in background: nohup node index.js &

Edit config.json:
  • pkgfolder: Full path to the folder containing your pkg files (must be accessible from server)
  • myip: Set ip address of your server
  • ps4ip: Set ip address of your PS4 optional:
  • myport: Change port of server / landing page
Remember to enable the configured port in your firewall.


All credit goes to flatz for creating the Remote Package Installer!
XNA RPKGMAN XNA Remote Package Manager by Cypheron.jpg