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  1. GODMODE.prx PRX File for PS4 Developers by CFWProphet Arrives

    Last month he shared a PS4 Userland Printf Driver with Usermode Printf to Klog recently added by @zecoxao to the latest HEN (PS4 HEN v1.8 Live Demo / GIT) for PS2 / PSP emulator classics debugging, and following PRXtoSPRX this weekend PlayStation 4 developer @cfwprophet of
  2. LibLuaPS4, PS4 Debug Module and LibHB Updates by CFWProphet

    Proceeding his PS4 Lib CISO Port & Zlib release, PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @cfwprophet of updated his Github projects recently including LibLuaPS4: LibLua 5.3.5 for PS4, a PS4_debug_module PRX with filesystem access that can write to USB, a PS4 Rtl_usrlnd_printf...
  3. PS4 Lib CISO Port & Zlib by CFWProphet, Fix_ELF PS4 Port by Pink1

    Proceeding his PSFSKKey SaveGame Decryption Tool PlayStation 4 developer @cfwprophet of updated his LibHB PS4 Homebrewing Library alongside a video on using resources in LibHomebrew with 5.05 samples. He's also updated the Github repositories featuring both a PS4 Lib CISO...
  4. PSFSKKey: PS4 SaveGame Decryption Tool by CFWProphet

    Proceeding the PS4 SaveData Decrypting Tools in development, recent PS4 Game Saves with FPKG's Guide and his LibHB PS4 Homebrewing Library PlayStation 4 developer @cfwprophet made available PSFSKKey which is a PS4 SaveGame Decryption Tool for developers that is only missing the SAMU (Secure...