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  1. MrNiato

    PS4 Testing Kit on 6.20 Firmware Debug Settings Overview by MrNiato

    Following my PS4 VSH_4K_Mode details, this demonstration video has been recorded on a PS4 Testkit DUH-T1000AA for curious people that want to see what a PlayStation 4 Testing Kit looks like with the 6.20 firmware. This is what a real Sony PlayStation 4 TestKit (used to develop and test video...
  2. MrNiato PS4 TestKit & PS3 UltraSlim Debug Menu Setting Comparison

    Yesterday he shared a nice archive of PS3 and PS4 Dev Unit PUP files, and today @MrNiato returns with a video demonstrating the Debug menu setting differences between a PlayStation 4 TestKit DUH-T1000AA DEX 3.50 Firmware and a PlayStation 3 UltraSlim DECH-4000AA 4.78 DEX OFW console. :pumpkin...
  3. MrNiato PlayStation 4 Testkit DUH-T1000AA DEX 3.50 Firmware Demo

    Earlier this year we reported on the PS4 DevKit / TestKit Root Kernel Dump and today MrNiato (Guillaume Leleu aka H7K3R MrNiato) of the H7k3r Team (Official Site) shared a video demo of his PlayStation 4 Testkit DUH-T1000AA DEX 3.50 Firmware for those interested! :hearteyes: Here's what MrNiato...

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