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PS4 Jailbreaking       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Oct 27, 2016 at 12:56 AM       10      
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Yesterday he shared a nice archive of PS3 and PS4 Dev Unit PUP files, and today @MrNiato returns with a video demonstrating the Debug menu setting differences between a PlayStation 4 TestKit DUH-T1000AA DEX 3.50 Firmware and a PlayStation 3 UltraSlim DECH-4000AA 4.78 DEX OFW console. :pumpkin:

Check out MrNiato's Blog for more, and the video is below along with some related Tweets via Twitter:

:fire: PS: At 1pm tomorrow (later today) he's planning to release something PS4 developers may find useful... so stay tuned! :thumbup:

Update: It was cancelled, see the Tweet on his Testkit 1.76 Dump below:
To quote from MrNiato's Blog: "Today at 1PM I posted a full dump of my TestKit on 1.76 Non Retail Firmware, unfortunately I've decided to delete this dump to avoid any problem with Sony. Maybe Am I wrong and I risk nothing but we don't know what Sony can do....

Thanks for reading."
MrNiato PS4 TestKit & PS3 UltraSlim Debug Menu Setting Comparison.jpg


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