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  1. PS4 Unfself Tool to Turn Fake Signed ELFs to Normal ELFs by SocraticBliss

    Proceeding his PS4 IOCTL Nabber IDA 7.0-7.2 Script, today PlayStation 4 developer @SocraticBliss shared via Twitter a handy PS4 Unfself Python Script tool to turn Fake Signed ELFs back into normal ELF files for those who find themselves needing to unfself some PS4 binaries. 🧝‍♂️ Download...
  2. Create PS4 ELFs from PlayStation 4 Process Dumps Guide by Zecoxao

    Today PlayStation 4 developer zecoxao shared a handy guide on how to create PS4 ELFs from PlayStation 4 process dumps. (-8 Here is it for those interested, to quote: How to Create ELFs from Process Dumps You'll need: HX-D PS4 FileNinja v2.0 (the one with process dump support)...

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