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Today PlayStation 4 developer zecoxao shared a handy guide on how to create PS4 ELFs from PlayStation 4 process dumps. (-8

Here is it for those interested, to quote: How to Create ELFs from Process Dumps

You'll need:
Step 1:

Go to your playground of choice (in this case my playground is one)

Step 2:

Grab your ELF or SELF that you want to make a forgery of (i'm going to use SysCore for this)

Step 3:

Look closely at the header and pick ONLY the elf header chunk of the file. Note here: the ELF header must contain all of it's necessary bytes EXCEPT the last 32!


Step 4:

Add the necessary number of bytes until the file has EXACTLY 0x4000 bytes.

Step 5:

If necessary restart PS4 so you can clean the payload's memory and then start PS4 file ninja.

Step 6:

Go to the process of choice (in this case SceSysCore) by going to Tools->Processes, picking SceSysCore and attaching to the process.

Step 7:

Dump the first process offsets, and ONLY those in the LOWER memory range. Here's my example:


Step 8:

Copy the first segment and add it after the end of the ELF forged header. Do the same for the other segments.

Step 9:

You have now a forged elf you can use in IDA for analysis.

Some Notes:
  • You can use readelf to check on how good your ELF looks.
  • First section has libexec magic. Second section has ORBI magic.
Thanks to @zecoxao for sharing this tutorial with other PS4 developers!
PS4 ELFs From Process Dumps.jpg