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Proceeding his PS4 IOCTL Nabber IDA 7.0-7.2 Script, today PlayStation 4 developer @SocraticBliss shared via Twitter a handy PS4 Unfself Python Script tool to turn Fake Signed ELFs back into normal ELF files for those who find themselves needing to unfself some PS4 binaries. 🧝‍♂️

Download: / GIT

This comes following the previously released UnFSelf & SELFUtil, he sends BIG thanks out to @flatz (aka flat_z on Twitter), @zezu420 (aka Znullptr on Twitter), @zecoxao (aka notzecoxao on Twitter) and from the to quote: PS4 Unfself

SocraticBliss (R)

Big Thanks to Znullptr and flatz <3

... Oh and I guess zecoxao as well

This tool is for turning Fake Signed ELFs back into normal ELFs.

  1. Find an .ELF file that has been fake signed and run the script!
python [file]
PS4 Unfself Tool to Turn Fake Signed ELFs to Normal ELFs by SocraticBliss.jpg


I understand that it is for Developers, not for users but what does that mean ? We are able to run normal PKG for 6.72 jailbreak ? No more Fake pkg required ?
may this will convert fpkg to retail pkg after rebuild there will be no tension to lose fpkg and most cases rebuild is must to speed up ps4 maybe for that or other reason
So when this tool is arrived... There might be chances of reverse mechanism... To convert retail pkg to fpkg....

Than no more version dumping thing or new jb required... As we can simply backport it
Not open for further replies.