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  1. MultiMAN PS4 in Development by DeanK, Open Source Code on Github?

    Many may recall PS3 developer @deank of's multiAVCHD homebrew application that, with help from Open Manager 1.0 source code, was modified and transformed into the popular PS3 backup game manager known as MultiMAN today. :gigglexf2: "In the spirit of open source (when using other...
  2. PS4 PUP Extractor by Red-EyeX32, 1.76 Modded Trophies by J0lama

    A few years back Red-EyeX32 made available a PlayStation 4 PUP Extractor with Source Code (below), and since then j0lama also posted one (below too).. coincidence or clone? :eyesroll: This follows the PS4 PKG Unpacker by @RedEyeX32, PlayStation 4 PUP Extractor / PS4Unpacker by @xerpi / @Hykem...

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