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  1. PS4 UI Mod Alpha 0.12 and Installation Tutorial by eXtreme

    Since their Alpha 0.11 Update the folks at e✘ put together both PS4 UI Mod Custom Home Menu Alpha 0.12 with a PlayStation 4 UI Mod Installation Tutorial and 1.76 Homebrew Sample on their YouTube Channel. :thumbsupxf2: To quote from their Blog: PS4 UI Mod alpha 0.12 – Custom Home...
  2. PS4 UI Mod 0.09 Alpha by eXtreme Update with Screenshots

    Following their previous PS4 1.76 UI Mod and PS4 Custom Home Menu updates, this weekend e✘treme updated it to PS4 UI Mod version 0.09 Alpha with some screenshots below. (-8 To quote, roughly translated: "I worked on my 1.76 Mod further and Version 0.09 Alpha is finished. Any changes in the...

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