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Following their previous PS4 1.76 UI Mod and PS4 Custom Home Menu updates, this weekend e✘treme updated it to PS4 UI Mod version 0.09 Alpha with some screenshots below. (-8

To quote, roughly translated: "I worked on my 1.76 Mod further and Version 0.09 Alpha is finished.

Any changes in the user interface and the Home Menu are only visually, so debug settings are not in function."


PS4 UI Mod 0.09 Alpha 1.jpg PS4 UI Mod 0.09 Alpha 2.jpg PS4 UI Mod 0.09 Alpha 3.jpg PS4 UI Mod 0.09 Alpha 4.jpg PS4 UI Mod 0.09 Alpha 5.jpg PS4 UI Mod 0.09 Alpha 6.jpg PS4 UI Mod 0.09 Alpha 7.jpg PS4 UI Mod 0.09 Alpha 8.jpg PS4 UI Mod 0.09 Alpha 9.jpg
Also if you haven't already, head over to the e✘treme Downloads section and check out their PS4 PKG Database which offers Sony PlayStation 4 Games, Apps and Themes in Package (PKG) File format!

Finally, a BIG thanks to @VultraAID for the news tip! ;-)


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