1. mcmrc1

    Linux PS4 Kernel Released by Fail0verflow, Work-In-Progress

    Following their Linux PS4 Demo, today PlayStation 4 hackers fail0verflow released their Linux PS4 Kernel work-in-progress repo on Github. Download: ps4.zip / GIT From Twitter: Also from Wololo on the WIP, to quote: Linux on PS4: Fail0verflow publish their fork of the linux Kernel (WIP)...
  2. mcmrc1

    PS4 Filesystem Root Dump, Linux, Fail0verflow & CCC

    Hello... it appears a brief presentation from Marcan of Fail0verflow will be shown at this year's Chaos Computer Club (CCC) covering Penguins on Aeolia (Embedded Linux) on the PS4 :) From Wololo: Zecoxao, who's very close to the PS3/PS4 dev scene, shared a screenshot on Twitter, showing some...