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  1. PS4 UART to DCSD Project Pictures & Details by Qwertyoruiopz

    It's been awhile since sharing his decrypted sl-config.xml.env, and following past PS4 UART updates and PS4 Hardware Pinouts today PlayStation 4 developer qwertyoruiopz posted some pictures of his latest PS4 UART to DCSD project on Twitter! :ninja: From the related Tweets below, it appears he's...
  2. PS4 Developer Flat_z Bids Crash Dumps Good Bye Thanks to Sony

    Since his last updates, PlayStation 4 developer @flatz announced on Twitter the following statement, to quote: "Sony have finally made it properly... good bye, PS4 crash dumps :( we'll miss you" While he didn't go into detail yet on whether he's referring to changes in Sony's latest PS4...