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Since his last updates, PlayStation 4 developer @flatz announced on Twitter the following statement, to quote: "Sony have finally made it properly... good bye, PS4 crash dumps :( we'll miss you"

While he didn't go into detail yet on whether he's referring to changes in Sony's latest PS4 Firmware 4.55 update or perhaps the new 1TB PS4 Slim available this month, it sounds like Sony is definitely cracking down on dumping hindering PlayStation 4 developers who use conventional means by patching the existing holes.

However, as @Chaos Kid and @SorenAlke note all hope is not yet lost for hardcore PS4 devs who think outside the box and make use of JaiCraB's PS4 UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter - translated) serial and communications ports to obtain crash dumps for further research. :notworthy:

Also from droogie via @Centrino comes the following logs for those interested:
uart enabler for 4.05 :)
uint16_t *securityFlags = (uint64_t *)(kernel_base+0x2001516); *securityFlags = *securityFlags & ~(1 << 15); *(char *)(kernel_base + 0x186b0a0) = 0;
right, i only solder 1 wire (tx on ps4) and attach gnd wire to hdd cage, then using like 5$ uart to usb i listen on arduino(serial montor). very simple.

Thanks to both @B7U3 C50SS and @UmarDaBest559 for the heads-up in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! (y)
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Lets work it out
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IMO I think he is referring to the new slim. Maybe they removed the solder points from the hardware and hid the NOR with some kind of epoxy
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