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Over the weekend we covered some PS4Link news, and today PlayStation developer @zecoxao announced on Twitter that Peek and Poke support is now added to the PS4Link GIT alongside PS Vita kernel dumping to St4rk's VitaDump GIT with details below! <3

Download: PS4Link VirtualMemQuery Sample via droogie / PS4Link GIT / VitaDump Support Dumping Kernel Modules via d3m3vilurr / VitaDump GIT /
kDump.skprx (74.25 KB) / pcff.7z (6.93 MB) / pcbc.7z (21.85 KB) / workdir.7z (47.25 KB) / vitadump.7z (207.24 KB) / VitaDump GIT (Zecoxao)

He also shared a Precompiled VitaDump kernel plugin tested on taiHENkaku Beta 4 which should dump kernel modules to ux0:/dump and with PS4 developers the NID for sceAppInstUtilAppInstallPkg: bpLyMf0oVwQ in response to @flatz's recent update.

Those who have been in the scene since at least the early PlayStation 3 days will recall Netkas and flukes1 first added Peek and Poke support to the PS3, which was then supported in countless PS3 Custom Firmware releases. (-:

Here are some related Tweets:
Thanks to @raedoob for the heads up in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :fire:
PS4Link Gets Peek & Poke Added, VitaDump Supports Kernel Dumping.jpg



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Will it be possible to downgrade on ps4 type: 4.05 to 4.01 or 4.06 to 4.01?

It's tricky to be expecting because psn has many promotions and some cheap games!

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