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Over the weekend we covered some PS4Link news, and today PlayStation developer @zecoxao announced on Twitter that Peek and Poke support is now added to the PS4Link GIT alongside PS Vita kernel dumping to St4rk's VitaDump GIT with details below! <3

Download: PS4Link VirtualMemQuery Sample via droogie / PS4Link GIT / VitaDump Support Dumping Kernel Modules via d3m3vilurr / VitaDump GIT /
kDump.skprx (74.25 KB) / pcff.7z (6.93 MB) / pcbc.7z (21.85 KB) / workdir.7z (47.25 KB) / vitadump.7z (207.24 KB) / VitaDump GIT (Zecoxao)

He also shared a Precompiled VitaDump kernel plugin tested on taiHENkaku Beta 4 which should dump kernel modules to ux0:/dump and with PS4 developers the NID for sceAppInstUtilAppInstallPkg: bpLyMf0oVwQ in response to @flatz's recent update.

Those who have been in the scene since at least the early PlayStation 3 days will recall Netkas and flukes1 first added Peek and Poke support to the PS3, which was then supported in countless PS3 Custom Firmware releases. (-:

Here are some related Tweets:
Thanks to @raedoob for the heads up in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :fire:
PS4Link Gets Peek & Poke Added, VitaDump Supports Kernel Dumping.jpg



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Will it be possible to downgrade on ps4 type: 4.05 to 4.01 or 4.06 to 4.01? It's tricky to be expecting because psn has many promotions and some cheap games!

Maybe like Vita you might be able to swap the motherboard in your PS4 with one from a donor system. Would be a bit more time consuming than the vita because your HDD encryption key will change you need to backup the HDD before swapping out the motherboard and then will need to restore back once you have finished. I am not sure if the blu-ray drive is paired with your motherboard though as I seem to recall the PS3 was like that so you wouldn't be able to use any games or movies if you did this.

Looks like yes the blu-ray drive is tied to the console so make sure you get a motherboard+blu ray drive combo. I would suggest buy them now if you plan on doing this later as old version boards will be hard to come by in the future.

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