1. Simply NextGen RCO Data-Table Extractor v1.20 for PS4 RCO Files

    PlayStation 4 developer cfwprophet made available Simply NextGen RCO Data-Table Extractor v1.20 today alongside a demo video of it in action, which now allows users to extract PS4 RCO files from data tables. Download: sngre_full.rar / NextGen RCO DataTable Extractor v1.20 / GIT To quote...
  2. Some Brief PS4 Hacking Updates from Fail0verflow

    Following their recent CCC hints of Penguins on Aeolia, console hacking team fail0verflow sent some more brief PS4 hacking update Tweets out. Check them out below, although there is still no definitive confirmation demo of Sony's PlayStation 4 being able to run Linux just yet.
  3. PS4 Hacker CTurt Stops Further PlayStation 4 Hacking Research

    Following the PS4 Kernel Exploit, today PlayStation 4 developer CTurt announced he plans to completely stop further PS4 research. This news comes just prior to him sharing an article outlining PS4 kernel exploitation earlier today here: Hacking the PS4, Part 3 / Kernel Exploit for 1.76 /...