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Following his previous homebrew updates, PlayStation Vita developer LMAN (TheLeecherMan) has released AdrBubbleBooter (Adrenaline Bubble Booter) for PS Vita users as a HENkaku Plugin with details below. (y)

Download: AdrBubbleBooter.v0.1.PSVita.HENkaku.Plugin-LMAN.rar / AdrBubbleBooter.v0.2.PSVita.HENkaku.Plugin-LMAN.rar / AdrBubbleBooter.v0.3.PSVita.HENkaku.Plugin-LMAN.rar / Adrenaline Bubble Manager (Latest) / GIT / VitaBubbles (Latest) / GIT via ONElua

To quote from his Blog: AdrBubbleBooter

Adrenaline Bubble Booter (C) 2017 LMAN <leecherman>

Directly boot any game (ISO\CSO\PBP\PSOne) from any PSP Bubble in livearea, with all features enabled, plugins, filter, savestates and PSOne sound enabled.

This is a separated plugin, which can be used with all new adrenaline versions, so no worries with the compatibility issue or with updated adrenaline versions.


If you wish to donate me some money, I'd really appreciate it. I'm using one of my friend's donation address, here is the link if you want to donate: Link:


  • First public release.
  • Updated some codes and instructions.
  • Updated codes and made some tweaks. You can boot game from both ux0, ur0 partitions without changing the plugin's location.

If this your first time using adrenaline, then read the author readme to install it correctly, otherwise it will not work, because this is depends on adrenaline, and make sure to install adrenaline folder in the storage root (ux0:adrenaline or ur0:adrenaline) after installing it, run it once.

1) To enable adrenaline bubble booter, copy 'adrbblbooter' folder to your PSVita storage root : You can use ux0: or ur0: storage:
2) Add 'adrbblbooter.suprx' first in line before 'adrenaline.suprx' under *TITLEID in HENkaku config :
Will use NPXX00001 as an example of the PSP bubble in livearea:
If you want to disable adrenaline startdat image, add 'adrbblbooter_nostartdat.suprx' instead of 'adrbblbooter.suprx' first in line before 'adrenaline.suprx' in HENkaku config :
After that Reload taiHen config.txt from molecularShell.

3) Go to 'ux0:adrbblbooter/bubblesdb' folder, and create a text file and
name it with any TITLEID you want to make it boot (ISO\CSO\PBP\PSOne) from bubble :
Open the created file 'NPXX00001.txt' in notepad and add the full path to the ISO\CSO\PBP\PSOne game into it ( must be a ms0: path, not ux0:pspemu also you can change\update the path any-time) :
Note: This line means in PSVita side as (ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/FILER/EBOOT.PBP)

That's it, do these steps (#2, #3) for each PSP bubble you want to auto\direct boot it.

If you want to remove bubble auto\direct boot for specific game, just delete the text file which containing it's titleid name:
Enjoy (-:

:arrow: Update: Also above is Adrenaline Bubble Manager v1.0 by ONElua with the details on it via Github, as follows:

Adrenaline Bubble Manager v1.0


This useful application allows you to make personalized bubbles with 'icon' and 'title' of your PSP content (HBS / PSX / ISO / CSO) quick and easy, using the 'LMAN' plugin, and adding the lines Of the plugin to the GAMEID in the config.txt of taihen, also creates the GAMEID.TXT for the plugin, forgetting completely of the tedious and long manual method.


The initial interface is composed by the list of available PSP content to launch, get positioned over the desired content using the D-pad and press X on the desired game to proceed to select the bubble that will launch it, a popup window will show you all the bubbles available to use, you only have to position yourself on the desired one and press X, to begin the linking process, this app will tell you if there is an installed pboot and if you want to change it and continue, then the app will ask you if the STARTDAT should be disabled, you will also be asked if you want to change the Name the bubble or use that of the content to link, and finally you will be asked to restart the console to update the database. Note: This app will allow you to personalize more than one bubble at a time.

  • Up/Down: Browse the list of PSP content(HB/ISO/CSO) or Browse the list of bubbles to boot.
  • Cross: Select content and go to bubble selection or select bubble and create your access.
  • Circle: Go to previous section.
  • Triangle: enable/disable view of 'PIC1'.
  • Start: Go to livearea.
Changelog 1.0
  • Initial release 'POC'.
  • Added automatic network update. app will now notify you when there's a new update.
  • Support get and view complete list of content of PSPemu.
  • Added option enable/disable view of 'PIC1'.
  • Adrenaline Bubble Booter By LMAN 'leecherman'
  • eCFW Adrenaline By TheFloW.
  • PBOOT icon and livearea icon By Freakler.
  • Testers Falaschi, baltazarregala4.
  • Some graphics By WZ-JK.
Cheers to @DarkElementPL for the heads-up in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! <3
Adrenaline Bubble Booter for PS Vita by LMAN (TheLeecherMan).jpg


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Another update: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.01

Changelog 5.01
  • Compatible with Adrenaline v6.3 thanks to Lman.
  • Added npdrmfree enable/disable option to ABM bubble edit screen.
  • Added ux0:data/ABM/crc.ini to detect the CRC32 of the skprx modules.
NOTE: With lman plugins update, now every bubble saves its own adrenaline configs if you like to disable adrenaline boot screen you have to do that for every bubble.

:arrow: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.02

Changelog 5.02
  • Fixed data.inf error.
  • Added config.bin on each bubble (adrenaline boot screen disabled).
  • New graphics by Wz-Jk.
:arrow: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.03

Changelog 5.03
  • New option to set default pic0 and bg0 images and your own xml file for your bubbles (up to 5 sets provided by you: ux0:ABM/Set1 to ux0:ABM/Set5).
  • New option to sort: Category.


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:arrow: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.04

Changelog 5.04
  • Now you can disable the 8bit image conversion when creating or editing ABM bubbles.

    *NOTE: You must be sure the images you are using are in compatible format, otherwise the bubble will fail. Enter the submenu to change this settings with start.
  • Some changes in the list of Inject Imgs.
:arrow: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.05

  • Compatible with Adrenaline v6.4 and Adrenaline Bubble Booter v.06
  • Auto-Conversion of boot.inf files to boot.bin files needed for ABB v.06
  • In the Edit Bubble Screen this are the available combinations:
  • Driver (INFERNO/MARCH33/NP9660).
  • Customized: (YES/NO).
  • Now when showing the bubble's linked game path will be highlighted green if the content is found, if not found will be highlighted orange.
  • *NOTE: If the game linked to your bubble is not there anymore the bubble will open Adrenaline or throw an error.
:arrow: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.06

Fixed reboot error (reboot loop).

:arrow: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.07

  • Fix error C2-12828-1 on ABM bubbles.
  • Added Auto Repair boot.bin option on the START button submenu (changes the customized option to YES on the old Bubbles from ABM 5.04).
  • Now the bg0.png is shown at Bubbles Edit screen.
:arrow: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.08

  • Compatible with Adrenaline v6.6 and Adrenaline Bubble Booter v.07
  • Added support for iso/cso/pbp in xmc0 (Use Vitashell for mount xmc0).
  • Fix "startup.png" images
  • Support added for frameX.png images (with X from 1 to 5).
  • Sort by ID.
  • Light aesthetic changes and clean up code.
:arrow: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.09

  • Fix support for iso/cso/pbp in xmc0.
  • Sort by Device (ux0,ur0,uma0, imc0, xmc0).


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Some more Adrenaline Bubble Manager updates for those following:

:arrow: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.10
  • Fixed reboot error (reboot loop).
:arrow: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.11
  • Compatible with Adrenaline v6.7 and Adrenaline Bubble Booter v.08
:arrow: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.12
  • Added PSP/PSX image set for bubble creation. Thanks to Sakitoshi
  • Added option description at submenu.
  • Added Adrenaline customized option enable/disable to ABM submenu. Thanks to Sakitoshi
  • Added a new bubble color similar to original PSP/PSX bubbles. Thanks to Sakitoshi
  • Added chinese support (download font from github repo and place at ux0:data/ABM/font)
:arrow: Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.13
  • Now you can select the SetPack for each bubble. Press R on the selected game.
  • Fixed error with the STITLE when creating bubbles (max length 52).


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More Adrenaline Bubble Manager updates for those interested:

Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.14
  • Use Default Title option added to Submenu (START) enable it to skip the renaming process.
  • Now when creating 2 or more bubbles you'll have to rename all the bubbles before the creating process begins.
Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.15
  • Removed option show pic with triangle button.
  • Added Batch Installation Option by pressing triangle button for non installed content.
  • Now you can uninstall non linked bubbles per batch.
Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.16
  • Re-add edit bubble path. Only when the path to the game does not exist
Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.17
  • Added option to download resources and inject them un the desired ABM bubble.
Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.18
  • Now the preview images look more like ABM made bubbles when switching from full to non stretched option with L button.
  • Now the preview icons download is done by threads in function Online Resources.
Adrenaline Bubble Manager v5.18
This its FIX for ABM 5.17 to Update v5.18

Latest Release:
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