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A Dying Light 2 Stay Human v1.32 PKG Update is today's backported PS4 Game FPKG release courtesy of @opoisso893 on Twitter with help from @golemnight to enjoy on Jailbroken PS4 consoles in the PlayStation 4 Scene. 🤩

Those seeking to support these continued PS4 game backporting efforts can do so via the private area release topics for Verified Members, or by following and sending backport893 a DM on Twitter for current donation options. đź’™

Below are the Tweets and related file details from the ongoing discussion topics for Verified Members (Verification Guide):

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - CUSA12555 v1.32 [9.00]
Works with @opoisso893/@golemnight release
  • Dying.Light.2.Stay.Human_CUSA12555_v1.32_[9.00]_OPOISSO893.rar (32.43 GB)
Dying Light 2 Stay Human - CUSA12555 v1.32 BACKPORT [5.05/6.72/7.xx]
Works with @opoisso893/@golemnight release
  • Dying.Light.2.Stay.Human_CUSA12555_v1.32_BACKPORT_[5.05-6.72-7.xx]_OPOISSO893.rar (32.43 GB)
⚠️ Same as previous updates, on 5.05 loading on splash screen takes few minutes (up to 5'20) because of a kernel function. Just be patient.
Backported Dying Light 2 Stay Human v1.32 PS4 FPKG by Opoisso893.png


@Joyce Marius Yes, you can use the DLC's. But have to change it for our version because Fugazi's DLC is for the US version.

I've adapted it and I'm happy to provide the DLC's in the private area topic.