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Following the FRMCHK Web Database to identify PS4 games in Firmware groups and his previous ThemeDumperFTP release, today PlayStation 4 developer OfficialAhmed made available on Twitter an application called CGFw (aka Check Game Firmware) that will check the required PS4 firmware version for games and return the results in a Windows command prompt. šŸ˜€

Currently CGFw v1.01 is considered a work-in-progress (WIP) by the developer, with a PayPal link available for those who'd like to support his continued work on the project. <3

Download: CGFw (10.4 MB) / / GIT

From the Check Game Firmware (CGFw)

Ever wondered which system version a PS4 game requires? well this project is helpful for you.

Download link

v1.01 (10.4mb)
CGFw (10.4 MB)


This project compares the game release date from online sources and the official firmware release date and determine if a game is playable on that fw or not. This is not 100% accurate but it's pretty decent as this is still WIP.

v1.01 This is the first release still few issues here 'n there, if you got any problems feel free to submit them OfficialAhmed0. I will be improving this project (This is not the final version).

  • Download ZIP file from the provided link and extract the file
  • Edit (fw release date.ini) only if possible
As of September, 26th 2020 the lastest System version available is 7.55 which is the first line on (fw release date.ini) if any firmware came out you need to add it on top of the 7.55 line.
  • Run exe and choose the required firmware
  • type the Game Title
Cheers to @jwooh for the heads-up on this handy application for PS4 users! šŸ»
CGFw Check Game Firmware App for Required PS4 Version by OfficialAhmed.jpg


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