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Following the Code Freak PS3 Cheat Device and news of the upcoming PS4 Save Wizard, below is a rough translation of Code Freak's Cyber PS4 Save Editor which will be available in March 2017 with a single license for ¥7,800 YEN (around $70 USD, excluding tax) and with a 3 user license for ¥14,800 YEN (around $131 USD, tax excluded). (n)

As can be expected, this PlayStation 4 device will either be cracked and distributed for free among the scene or reverse-engineered and used to build a far superior open-source program most certainly... in any case, check out the Cyber / CodeFreak PS4 Save Editor details and pictures below. :whistle:

To quote from, roughly translated: CYBER Save Editor (for PS4)

Strategy tool that can save save data of PS4 game on PC!

Release date
  • Scheduled to be released in March 2017! New
Suggested retail price
  • 1 user license: ¥7,800 YEN (excluding tax) / 3 user license: ¥14,800 YEN (tax excluded)
  • 1 user license / 3 user license
Compatible models
  • PS4 Pro / PS4
Operating environment
  • Personal computer that can connect to the Internet 【Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit compatible)】
  • * As data transfer size is large, connection by tethering etc. is not recommended.
  • Environment and network ID (PSN ID) that PS4 can connect to Sony's network service "PSN"
  • USB memory: 8 GB or more recommended * It is necessary to save save data of PS4 to USB memory etc, then save data on PC.
  • Hard disk free space: 10 GB or more recommended
※ This product can be used with multiple computers (Saveable data that can be edited is common to all PCs).

Set Content
  • Setup guide × 1
  • Support card × 1
※ Because this product is a download version disks and USB memory etc are not included.

Application software for PC which can edit saved data of PS4 game by yourself! Just by using the patch cord, the state such as "possession gold MAX" "status MAX" etc.!

The save editor is a personal computer application that can change save data of game for PS4 to a wonderful state such as "possession gold MAX" "status MAX". By entering something like a "patch code" like a password, you can register additional contents that can be changed.

* It may be unusable depending on the game.

About user license

● This product can be used for save data created with PS4 main unit logged in with PSN (Playstation Network) ID.
● Please use the purchaser's own PSN ID to use for logging in PS4 main unit.
● A product with one user license can only be used for saved data created with the same PSN ID.
● Products with multiple user licenses can be used for saved data created with the same number of PSN IDs as the number of licenses.

Over 80 titles of popular game patchcords such as "Final Fantasy XV" "Persona 5" "Dragon Quest Heroes II Twin King and the End of Prophecy" "GRAVITY DAZE 2" You can use it immediately by selecting the patch cord. Furthermore, patch code of unrecorded game is regularly distributed for free!

Main Recording Patch Cord

● Final Fantasy XV
GIL 99999999
AP 99999

● Persona 5
Main character Total EXP 9999999
Total EXP MAX all persona possessed by the main character
Main character Human Parameter MAX
All characters except hero Total EXP MAX

● Dragon Quest Heroes II King of Twin and the End of Prophecy
Gold 9999999
Little medal 999
Lasel All professional experience value 99999999
Razel All professional skill points 9999
Teleresia All professional experience value 99999999
Telecia All professional skill points 9999
Character experience value other than the hero MAX
Character skills other than the hero 9999

Precious Gem 999999

Other patch cords useful for game strategy are included!
  • It can be used for both game of Blu-ray disc version and download version. (It may not be available in some games)
  • It may take time depending on the save data size and line conditions. In advanced mode, usage restrictions may be applied when line congestion occurs.
"Simple mode" recommended for beginners is easy to use. Save save data of PS4 game you want to edit in USB memory etc and connect it to PC. Just start save editor and select the patch code you want to use, just save the save data to PS4!

In advanced mode for advanced users, it is possible to edit saved data by yourself even for titles that are not delivered patchcords. Recommended for users who want to edit them.

※ We will not support any problems related to usage and use of advanced mode. Please note.

Restore (restore) function that can restore saved data

By keeping "backup data backup function" on, you can restore the save data that reflects the effect of patch code to its original state or restore damaged save data. Even when you accidentally reflect a patch cord you do not intend to use.

4544859494444.jpg 4544859494444b.jpg 4544859494444d01.png 4544859494444d02.png 4544859499999b.jpg 4544859499999u.jpg
:arrow: Update: An English version (PDF) is also coming from called the SaveEditor Game Enhancer for the PS4 Vol.1, which according to Nitrowolf2 will sell for around $20 USD and support approximately 20 titles at launch.

To quote: "According to the post this will sell for around $20 USD (most likely to change) and will only support 20 titles. More will most likely be added, but only if they share the same ID as their Japanese counterpart it seems.

For those who don't know, Cybergadget was the first to release their save editor, and then save wizard, an English version released. This will be similar to their first release except in English.

They seem to support some rpg like Kingdom Hearts, however advance mode or new codes cannot be added. I suppose if you are impatient with Save Wizard progress and want to play the ones this currently supports, by all means go for it.

Doesn't really seem worth it though to be honest. If save wizard is indeed a different company than cyber, then they most likely get these titles added ASAP now. Least that's what I hope!"

Thanks to @B7U3 C50SS, @kazookid0, @mota's post HERE and @VultraAID for passing along the news! (y)
Code Freak Cyber PS4 Save Editor Details, Pictures And Release Date.png



sounds more like bruteforce-savegame-data with payed licenses for PSID....

Will be cracked within first week and become public ...

Sametto Chan

Erza Scarlet
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7,800 yen (around $70 USD, excluding tax) and with a 3 user license for 14,800 yen (around $131 USD, tax excluded). (n)

Suggested retail price
  • 1 user license: 7,800 yen (excluding tax) / 3 user license: 14,800 yen (tax excluded)
I edited your thread, to here.

¥7,800 YEN (around $70 USD, excluding tax) and with a 3 user license for ¥14,800 YEN (around $131 USD, tax excluded). (n)

Suggested retail price
  • 1 user license: ¥7,800 YEN (excluding tax) / 3 user license: ¥14,800 YEN (tax excluded)
I fixed a bit :)



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This is our best chance for an exploit outside of the web browser. Sony used draconian locks on the save data for the PS4 (cannot backup or transfer without PSN connected and being on the latest FW) because they know that save files were the entry point on Xbox, Wii, 3DS, PSP, etc.

If this tool can handle the encryption and signing, it should be possible in advanced mode to create saves that crash the system in certain ways and then execute code as a result. $70 is a lot of money for a couple of cheats, but that's pretty reasonable for a jailbreak. Hopefully devs will buy it and experiment.


sounds more like bruteforce-savegame-data with payed licenses for PSID....

Will be cracked within first week and become public ...
This can't be cracked. All data is stored on the Cyber Gadgets server. Each license is also tracked, so if they find any strange ones, they will block the connection. That's why this requires internet connection to work.

A few years ago, some Chinese knockoff created a fake version of the Cyber Gadget 3DS save editor. Now all of them don't work as their connections were blocked and attempting to edit data will result to a failed connection.

Unfortunately, if you choose to wait, you will probably end up waiting forever.


Does it support those games which are not the Japanese version (such as GRAVITY DAZE 2 released in Hong Kong) ? Also, does it support other area PSN ID, like psn account in UK or Hong Kong?
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