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Following the Codebreaker Cheats for PS2 PKG Games tutorial, here is a simple guide to create PS2 FPKG (Fake Packages) with cheats and the PS2 Classic GUI with thanks to @Codester1389 for the initial cue.


Download the All-in-one PS2 FPKG Cheats archive (All-in-one PS2 FPKG Cheats.rar - 18.4 MB) and extract it to your desktop. The archive includes:
  • cddvdgen
  • cdvd_iml2iso_403
  • isobuster_install
  • PS2 Classics Gui V1
2. Install isobuster and extract the contents of your game in CD, DVD or ISO format into the "PS2LOADELF" folder.

3. Open the "SYSTEM.CNF" file (contained in the "PS2LOADELF" folder) with a notepad and rename the first string in this way:

BOOT2 = cdrom0:\LNCF_999.99; 1

Open Cdvdgen.exe, click on "Create new project" and then on "CD-ROM Master Disc" (If your game extracted weighs less than 750MB) or on "DVD-ROM Master Disc" (If your game is extracted weighs more than 750MB)

5. Now move all the contents of the "PS2LOADELF" folder into the CD / DVD-ROM Generator program windows

6. Click on the "VOLUME" tab and enter in the "Disc Name" field the id of your game that you can always find in the "PS2LOADELF" folder (example: SLES21430), in the "Producer Name" field write PLAYSTATION and in the "license area" field choose the region of your game:
  • SLES \ SCES belongs to the Europe region
  • SLUS \ SCUS belongs to the America region
  • SLPS belongs to the Japan region
7. Once you have done this, click on "File", "Export iml file" and save the file with any name on the desktop.

8. Open "cdvd_iml2iso_403.exe", click on "Open" button on the right, choose the iml file you find on the desktop and then click on the "iml2iso" button on the left and wait for the process of creating your game iso with cheats are included.

9. Install the PS2 Classics Gui V1 by clicking on the "PS4 PS2 Classics GUI.application" file.

10. Open the link you just created on the desktop, choose your iso with the cheats previously created, in the "NP Title" field, delete the words LNCF99999 and enter the id of your game again while in the "Title" field write the name of your game. *

Press the "Create PS2 Classic" button to create the pkg and wait between 5 and 10 minutes. At the end of the process, copy your pkg into a usb stick formatted in exfat.

* In "PS2 Classic GUI", by clicking with the right mouse button on the "Unity" box you can change the icon and the start image of your game. The images will be readjusted automatically with the measures required by the PS4 which are respectively: icon0.png 512x512 24bit and pic1.png 1920x1080 24bit.


Turn on the play, insert the usb stick, activate the exploit as usual and then go to Settings - * Debug Setting - Game - Package Installer to install your game ps2 FPKG

2. Start it and it will open the much loved "Launchelf" that we have all known on the legendary PS2.

3. With the included browser file (O key) go to "CDFS", then to the --elf-- folder and start the codebreaker.elf (for NTSC games) or the xploder.elf (for PAL games).

4. Select the cheats to activate and click on "Start Game" until you find yourself on "Launchelf" again.

5. Finally go again with the browser file on "CDFS" and start the game by clicking on the id (example: SLES_204.11).

6. Enjoy your PS2 game with activated cheats.

It is recommended not to activate many cheats because the game may stop at certain points in the game, so be careful.
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Some cheat are not included on the codebreaker elf. Any way to add them automatically to the pkg so that if i install the game on the future again, they will be already added and i dont need ot enter them by hand?


Senior Member
Thank you so much. This works perfect. I have been trying for so long to add cheats to Contra Shattered Soldier and it works perfect!

Thanks again


Senior Member
@Fuzikami I don't think there is. but once you enter the codes manually for newer games that are not on the CB base... they do get saved in your system (it asks to save current config or something?!)

There may be a way to "crack" open Codebreaker and add these newer codes to the base codebreaker but no one has been able to do that, that I'm aware of?

It sure would be awesome if all the newer game codes could be added to the base CB and then injected into games! (it is a huge pain in the butt to do it manually)


Getting a flash drive with .cbc Codebreaker update data is probably the best and fastest way to update codes. Since I don't have the console atm, I'm trying to do it on PCSX2 with a usb flash drive plugin, but I can't seem to have it working. PCSX2 won't recognize my virtual flash drive which is annoying.

Anyone could help? Or maybe anyone have a PS2 save data of updated Codebreaker codes?

After some more searching, I found a .ps2 format memory card data which contains about 2048 game codes. Which I should say complete. But now another question arise: how do we put the memory card/save data from PC to PS4's memory card/save data?


I want to play Kingdom hearts 1 in ps4. But when i make pkg file it is only 41mb? What do you think im doing wrong.? Can you help me guys... Thanks in advance


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@masskiss I presume you would have to convert the ps2 memory card save?!! I searched for a newer codebreaker with more codes, but never had any luck :(

I always just manually entered newer codes on newer games which is very slow lol
Did you ever find a solution? share if ya do ;)


Sorry necrobumping this but, for games like radiata stories and Romancing Saga the files inside the disc only add up to 5.7MB or something small. How do I extract the full games using isobuster?

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