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Today PlayStation 4 developer @Markus95 shared a guide on how to create a PS4 / PC local server to launch the various PS4 WebKit Exploits from for those seeking to learn. :)

Check it out below with a PS4 3.50-4.07 WebKit Exploit video demo, to quote from the French console modding site roughly translated:

Hello everyone, With the great advances of the last few days on PS4, many are wondering how to launch exploits (html) from their console.

There are several possibilities, either go directly through the browser and enter in the search bar the address corresponding to the future hack, either by creating a local server and host or even the exploits.

It is the latter that will interest us here. We will see how to create his own local server between his PS4 and his PC, in order to host me the feats to come (playground or otherwise).

This is very simple to do and allows some advantages:
  • Host even exploits, no worries about HS sites or maintenance preventing you from launching exploits
  • Choose the versions of the exploits, do not depend on the bad updates of the exploits.
  • Have control over executed exploits, be able to modify them if necessary ...
To do it you need:
1- Prepare your PS4:
  • First and foremost, you need to uncheck automatic updates in your console
Go under
[Settings]> [Power Management Settings]> [Set Available Features in Idle Mode], then uncheck the box next to [Stay connected to the Internet] and [Allow PS4 activation from the network].

Then, go under
[Settings]> [System]> [Automatic Downloads], and then uncheck the boxes next to [System Software Update Files] and [Automatic Install].
  • Then set up a valid internet connection.
  • Your PS4 is ready, we go on PC
2- Installation of the local server:
  • Install Xampp on your PC (if it is not already done), once installed, run it
  • Once on Xampp control panel, click on start so Apache can turn green (on the left of your screen).
Your server is ready.

3- Preparation of the local server:

We will now create the link between your PS4 and your server (PC)
  • Retrieve the IP address of your PC by launching a command prompt, type cmd in the windows search bar
  • Once on MS-dos type ipconfig
  • The IP address of your PC will be in the line IPv4 address ...
  • Once the address in your possession, install Python if it is not already done
  • Copy / paste to the folder C: / Python27 /
  • In this same folder C: / Python27 / create a .txt file and write it here:
A your PC IP address

What will give you this as an example:

  • Save this .txt file by renaming it dns.conf
  • Start a new command prompt by typing cmd in the windows search bar
  • Go to your Python folder by typing C: / cd Python27 and then once in your folder, type this:
Code: -c dns.conf
  • Then go on your PS4
  • Set up an internet connection by simply changing the primary DNS with the IP address of your PC
  • Test the connection on your console must succeed for all elements.
  • Go under
    [Settings]> [User Guide] and run it
  • You should see this on your PC
This is your local server is functional, you just have to host the exploits.

4- Host an exploit and execute it:
  • On your PS4, go under
    [Settings]> [User Guide] and run it
  • Note the path (in red) that appears in the navigation bar of your PS4
  • On your PC, go to C: / Xampp / htdocs / and create the corresponding folders to have the same path just noted.
C: / xampp / htdocs / document / ca / ps4 /
  • In the folder PS4, copy / paste the desired exploit (the exploit webkit in this tutorial)
  • Go back to your PS4 and go under
    [Settings]> [User Guide] and run it
And here is the webkit exploit in front of you, more than click GO and see if your console is eligible or not ...

Ps: Tuto made on a PS4 PRO in 3.70 and here it is on video

Exploit Webkit PS4 3.50-4.07
Also below is a Tutorial on Setting up PS4 4.05 Local Host on Mac by Kudge, to quote: Setting up PS4 4.05 local host on Mac

  1. PS4 4.05
  2. Mac OS
  3. Ampps.dmg from
  4. PS4-4.05-Kernel-Exploit-master file from
  1. Install AMPPS and open the program. You will see Apache on and running as well as my SQL. Just above all that you will see a home option click that to start setting things up.
  2. Once in home, on the right hand side you will see add domain select that and in the domain bar type PS4 then hit add domain.
  3. Now head to finder on your Mac and select applications>AMPPS>WWW>PS4
  4. Once in this folder right click finder and open another finder window.
  5. Find your folder with the PS4-4.05-Kernel-Exploit-master you downloaded, open it and copy all of its contents into your PS4 folder from AMPPS.
  6. Head over to your PS4 and in the browser type in HTTP://YOURMACSIPADDRESS/PS4
Now you should have your exploit running locally from your Mac.

Cheers! Thanks to CMTFrosty for the heads up on this!

How to Host the 4.55/4.05 Exploit Locally

How to host the PS4 WebKit exploit locally without being connected to the internet. Hosting the WebKit locally is more stable and can be customised.
Thanks to @raedoob on Twitter for the heads-up on this PS4 / PC Local Server guide.
Create PS4  PC Local Server to Launch WebKit Exploits by Markus95.jpg



Senior Member
figure it out for the script "" workes in powershell, not " -c dns.conf". but i am no pro either, just a above average lameman. lol.


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Sorry for being noob, but what can i achieve by doing this? At the end of the demo video, he shows he's on the same FW, but what else happened?

Al Azif

Senior Member
This script will cover most of the steps:

Install Python (the one linked in the post), you may have to setup the Python PATH, and then run

It will print your local IP (to set as the DNS server on the PS4), start fakedns as a subprocess, then use the built in Simple HTTP Server to serve the exploit. Use Crtl+C to close it.

Tested on my Windows 7 and Linux machines. If something doesn't work let me know and I'll take a look when I have a chance.
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