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Today we received a press release from Seiko Takakura at Cyber Gadget Corporation announcing their Cyber Save Editor for PS4 Overseas Version which is scheduled to launch by the end of February, 2018. :geek:

Here are some details from their latest Press Release PDF File (Updated PDF File), as follows: Japan's Most Powerful Game Optimizer for PS4 (Overseas Version) Launching this February

CYBER Save Editor for PS4 is a cheat software for PS4 saves that allows gamers to amass gold, hike status, or level up their characters, saving time from having to grind and thus optimizing their gameplay.

Unlike the first edition of Save Editor, which costs less but only supports 20 game titles, this latest edition supports over 550 titles.

  • Improved stats + Cool new looks + Awesome abilities + more!
Edit your PS4 saves to amass gold, hike status, and level up in your favorite games. Simply choose your desired codes from the menu of over 550 supported titles and patch away! You can even add your own codes for no extra costs.
  • Two Edit Modes
Simple Mode for the easy-going: Plug, patch, play. Advance Mode* for the code masters: Patch binary codes.

* Use may be limited during high network traffic.

License Terms
  • This product requires a PSN ID and a PS4 save file
  • The PSN ID must be the user ’s own ID
  • 1-User License can be used with only 1 PSN ID
  • 3-User License can be used with 3 PSN IDs
Cyber Save Editor for PS4 Overseas Version Launches in February.jpg



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Before anyone asks about this being cracked / reverse engineered the save game file is uploaded to their server which performs all the edits then your computer re-downloads it.

This can be an issue on some games with large save files if you have slow internet bandwidth but they do this to protect the decryption/encryption code of save games.


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Ugh..... We don't want network cheats....

We want to load and run locally.... Cyber Gadget please fck off....

No one will pay to connect to your servers with their personal legit info so you can take it (or be accidentally hacked)...... Well except suckers......

I hope no one pays for this and forces these fck faces to release and deliver a local type game save editor.

Just my 2 cents


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Uhh don't you just get tired of people trying to make money off of people just to use exploits it's total BS. Just give us the crap for free FFS.


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For those following, here's an update Seiko Takakura sent via email:

Now LIVE: PS4 Save Editor (PR)

Greetings from Tokyo!

“CYBER Save Editor for PS4” is now LIVE.

What’s Save Editor? It’s a cheat software that lets gamers max their stats, unlock items, and skip the excruciating grind to enjoy their games. Thousands and thousands of Japanese gamers find this a godsend, and now North Americans and Europeans can join the gang.

Finally launched on September 5, 2018 is the most awaited CYBER Save Editor for PS4 - Full UNLIMITED Version in English.
*Originally scheduled for release in August and we apologize for the delay.

See the link below for details.
[News Release]
[Our Website]

We can’t wait to hear from you!