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Proceeding the Elden Ring Network Stress Test Demo PS4 Scene Modding Recap and Bloodborne's Exploring & Restoring Developer PS4 Debug Menu Guide, recently PlayStation 4 Scene game modder @Whitehawkx (Twitter) revisited the Dark Souls III Network Stress Test PS4 Demo on Whitehawkx's YouTube Channel with menu help from @manfightdragon (Twitter aka LanceMcDonald on Twitch and WarpChair YouTube Channel) alongside patch help from @illusion0001 (Twitter and Illusion's YouTube Channel) showcasing several additions including the Dark Souls 3 PS4 Debug Menu, 60FPS, various resolutions and more demonstrated in the video below! :love:

The result is a collection of pre-patched PS4 PKGs via Py-Patch based on the Dark Souls III: Network Stress Test Patches recently added to Illusion's Blog and DarkSoulsIIINetworkStressTest-Orbis.yml Github page for Jailbroken PS4 Console owners to enjoy with a full Index of Game Patches also available. :tup:

Below is an excerpt from @Whitehawkx's CUSA03387 topic available to Verified Members (Verification Guide) in the private area:

Here's something fun I thought everyone would enjoy - the Dark Souls 3 Network Stress Test which was released back in 2015. I want to make something super clear up front: THIS IS A DEMO. IT IS NOT THE FULL GAME.

Alright, with that out of the way, let's continue. I spent quite a bit a time looking through the eboot and have unlocked multiple features. Let's start from the top.

These patches were provided by people other than myself:
  • Online network check disabled (so you can actually play it!) - Unknown
  • 60 FPS unlock patch - illusion0001
  • 720p resolution - illusion0001
  • 30 FPS proper frame pacing fix - illusion0001
These are all the patches found and provided by me:
  • Full developer debug menu unlocked
  • All menu options unlocked (equipment, inventory, status - disabled by default)
  • Hidden "Debug" menu between equipment and system menus
  • (Not to be confused with the full debug menu. This is like a QA debug menu)
  • Video recording re-enabled (screenshots always worked)
  • Additional resolution options: 900p
The base game and various patches can be found below. Please note that everything except the base game and 30fps frame pacing patch contains the 60fps patch, but due to the various resolutions you won't actually be hitting 60fps. So I've labeled these in such a way to give you a better idea of the actual performance you'll be seeing. Hope that makes sense!

The base game only has the net check bypass and video recording patches. Other than that it's STOCK.

:arrow: Base: Size = 2.70 GB
  • UP0700-CUSA03387_00-DARKSOULS3NT0000-A0100-V0100.pkg
These are updates you can install over the base to unlock additional features.

:arrow: 720p60fps + all patches: Size = 102.56 MB
  • UP0700-CUSA03387_00-DARKSOULS3NT0000-A0101-V0100-720P60FPS.pkg
:arrow: 900p50fps + all patches: Size = 102.56 MB
  • UP0700-CUSA03387_00-DARKSOULS3NT0000-A0101-V0100-900P50FPS.pkg
:arrow: 1080p40fps + all patches: Size = 102.56 MB
  • UP0700-CUSA03387_00-DARKSOULS3NT0000-A0101-V0100-1080P40FPS.pkg
:arrow: 1080p30fps proper frame pacing + all patches: Size = 102.56 MB
  • UP0700-CUSA03387_00-DARKSOULS3NT0000-A0101-V0100-FRAMEPACING.pkg
Special thanks to Lance McDonald for helping me with the extra menu options (equip, inv, status). I now know how to find string integers in the eboot. :)

That should be enough flavors to cover everyone's needs. I will be submitting all the patches to illusion0002's github in the near future. So be on the lookout for those. Anyways, have fun!
Revisiting the Dark Souls 3 Network Test
Dark Souls 3 Network Stress Test PS4 Demo Revisited by Whitehawkx.jpg


I have been looking high and low for this!! I want to say thank you so very much!! Anyone ran this yet? Is it the Alpha or just the Network? This is the best thing I have seen in a very very long time. Literally bought a 9.0 PS4 for the Bloodborne and Elden Ring fpkg files.