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Following his PS4 Retail Theme Unlocker Windows GUI, today PlayStation 4 developer @Backporter shared on Twitter a DirectDraw Surface (DDS) Converter that can be quite handy for those seeking to make Dynamic PS4 Themes. :fire:

Download: TGA-PNG-JPG TO DDS / GIT / UP0002-CUSA99229_00-FIREPLACEROOMT01-A0000-V0100.pkg (24.69 MB - Custom Fireplace Theme) / UP0002-CUSA79874_00-SEXYESCALATOR001-A0000-V0100.pkg (18.81 MB) / (28.77 MB via @yyoossk of on Twitter) / UP2020-CUSA02020_00-0FIREPLACETHEME0-A0000-V0100.pkg by @Coco Jones

He also has a Discord Channel set up for related support, and from the TGA-PNG-JPG-TO DDS

This will convert (*.TGA *.PNG *.JPG) to DDS (DirectDraw Surface)


1: Download and install Nvidia GameWorks Legacy Texture Tool: DDS Utilities

2: Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\DDS Utilities and grab nvdxt.exe and put it in the Data folder

3: Profit


1: IF you are using this to make a PS4 Dynamic Theme, there is a limit on how big the "scene" can be, its 16MBs so this should be taken into account prior to starting work on any themes.

2: IF you are going to make a PS4 dynamic theme, pick a unused Title AND Content ID (UP0002-CUSAXXXXX_00-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX // CUSAXXXXX) to do this you edit the .sfo in sce_sys (sce_sys/param.sfo) you can do it with a hex-editor (i wouldn't recommend this method as it can new user to mess up and destroy the sfo) or use orbis-pub-sfo.exe found in Fake_PKG_Generator the reason for this being if two different themes share the same ID's the last one installed will overwrite the one before it (most people don't want this to happen :D) if you don't know if a ID is taken, google it, it should show if anybody used it before.

PS4 Dynamic Custom Theme Test
DirectDraw Surface (DDS) Converter for Dynamic PS4 Themes by Backporter.jpg
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