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Proceeding the PS4 DLC, Games, Updates & Themes Guide by @AluPL (aka TheRadziu on Twitter) today @Backporter shared via Twitter a PS4 Retail Theme Unlocker Windows GUI front-end (PS4-Retail-Theme-unlocker.exe) for use with TheRadziu's Python script (Guide) to create the resulting PlayStation 4 Theme Unlocker PKG. :geek:

Download: PS4-Retail-Theme-unlocker.7z / PS4-Retail-Theme-unlocker.rar / / GIT

He can also be reached via his Discord Channel for support, and from the PS4-Retail-Theme-unlocker

This tool uses to create the unlocker pkg

This tool creates an unlocker Package File(.pkg) for themes

PS4 Retail Theme Unlocker Windows GUI Front-End by Backporter.png

This is what it should look like


1: download Fake_PKG_Generator
2: put all the exe's in the data folder
3: profit

Other Questions

Q: Will This Work On Saves?
A: No, This Is Only for Themes

PS4 Retail Theme Unlocker Windows GUI Front-End by Backporter.jpg



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I updated the OP a bit with links to the /latest releases... many people (myself included) love GUI's as they're simpler to use than antiquated CLI's, so any tools you make front-ends for is definitely welcomed. :love:
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