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i'm gonig to add Ben FirshMan to the credits he deserves it.
All of this is wonderful news. I was just talking about getting this working properly the other day. The FPS takes a hit because of the 2d shader.
I'm glad to see what Soren has done here. Much props, definitely worth the +1
You are right Fimo this is no hack but a quite popular way of playing webgames. However its still a cool thing having this working on an actual PS4 and being a nice project of course! Good work!
Can someone explain me importance of this scripts?

Do they use some exploits or what? Because I see that it runs in browsers on all modern devices because this it javascript.


As I see we can't control emulator because only d-pad button works. On PC this can fixed by adding keycodes inside script files. But what to do on PS4? Most buttons on gamepad reserved for controlling browser. Will 'preventDefault' work?


I saw throug browser dev console that emulator's scripts need ROM files in folder. Do these ROMs free and I can upload it on my site?

I never played any nes, sega and other game consoles :)
I couldn't get keyCode for any button on ps4 gamepad:
    $(document).on('keydown', myFunc);
    function myFunc(e){
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