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Following the release of DumpFile405 and his PS4 PayLoad Sender homebrew app, today PlayStation 4 developer @AlFaMoDz let us know on Twitter he's made available GameDecrypt405 which is a payload ported by VVildCard777 that has now been adapted to decrypt PS4 game files on exploited PS4 4.05 consoles. :cool:

Download: DumpFile405.bin / / GIT

To quote from the Game Decrypt - 4.05

PayLoad ported by WildCard and adapted by me to decrypt games on PS4

Note: I am not the creator of PayLoad, I modified the files that it decrypts. The creator of the PayLoad is WildCard.

  1. A computer.
  2. A PS4 in version 4.05.
  3. Internet connection (A wired connection is preferred).
  4. PS4 PayLoad Sender (PS4 PayLoad Sender 1.76 4.05.rar - 21.3 MB)
  • Decrypt games.
  • Save decrypted files to an USB.

For compile:
  1. You will need the IDC *** for 4.05 (Github)
  2. Go to source/main.c and go to the line 476.
  3. Modify the CUSA for the game you want to decrypt.
Easy Mode:
  1. Download Ginsor game dump Title-Editor (PS4_GameDump_TitleEditor.rar - 96 96 KB)
  2. Click on File > Open and select the PayLoad.
  3. Click on Current Title ID and change the CUSA.
  4. When you have changed, click on "Change Title ID"
  1. Insert a pendrive in your PS4 and enter the game which you want to decrypt.
  2. When the game has loaded, press the PS button to go to the browser and inject the PayLoad.
  3. Wait 5 minutes and close the game and remove the pendrive.
  4. Enter the pendrive in your computer and in the root you will have the decrypted files.
  • WildCard
  • Specter
  • IDC
  • Grass Skeu
GameDecrypt405 PS4 Game Decrypt 4.05 Payload Mod by AlFaMoDz.jpg