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Recently developer Octave13 updated the Modifier Timing in the GHLPokeMachine Github repository, which is a Guitar Hero Live PokeMachine program for the Clone Hero (Guitar Hero clone) game allowing those with a PS3, WiiU or PS4 GH USB Dongle to play it via PC. 🎸

Download: (26.4 KB - includes GHLPokeMachine.exe) / GIT

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From the Guitar Hero Live PokeMachine

This application allows you to play clone hero or other guitar hero like game on your computer with a guitar hero live guitar (6 frets). Currently, the application is working for the PS3, the PS4 and the WIIU dongles.

🎵 How to use it
  1. Download the file named in the releases section
  2. Unzip
  3. Start the executable
  4. Plug your USB dongle
  5. Synchronize your guitar
  6. Press the start button in the program
  7. When finished, press stop
  • If you connect another guitar after the application has been started, stop the application and start it again. The application search for devices only when the start button is pressed.
  • If you previously installed the WinUSB driver for the PS3/Wii U dongle to use GHLtar Utility, you will need to uninstall it as this is using HidUsb.
  • Your A/V may warn you about this program. Select "know more", and then "accept the risk".
You may test your device on this website:

🎶 How it works

Here's the goal of this application. The PS3, the PS4 and the WIIU dongles needs a poking message that enables it. When the dongles doesn't receive the poke, it will not send the status of more than one button at a time. Which is unfortunate, since you need to press the fret button and the strum bar simultaneously. GHLPokeMachine pokes the dongle to enable the multi touch.

Once started, when you press start, the program will pass through all your connected device and for each dongle that it see, will start a thread that will poke your dongle. If there's a connection problem or the stop button is being pressed, the thread will stop.

Clone Hero v.23 Release : DragonForce - Troopers of the Stars
GHLPokeMachine Guitar Hero Live PokeMachine for Clone Hero PS4 by Octave13.jpg



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Just a question from looking through the ps4 files myself there is a blacklist on some special brand that was used for guitar hero guitars. Is there a special adapter for the ps4 that will allow you to use guitars?

I don't have an adapter but I assume I could use something such as a wii/ps2 guitar hero adapter to usb (the one that was made for clone hero) and a titan 2 to spoof the game to think it's the controller?