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Proceeding the GH Clone PS4 Test Demo, Silent Hill: Origins, Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix & Obscure 2 PS2toPS4 PKGs, PS4 FPKG Game Collections Showcase and previous PS4 Scene Game PKGs further PS2 to PS4 PKG testing is underway via Bergolino Gamer's YouTube Channel with some demo videos below of the results for those interested in playing PlayStation 2 games on their Jailbroken PlayStation 4 console. 🤩🎸

TEST Guitar Hero Encore Rocks the 80s PS2 to PS4
TEST Guitar Hero II PS2 to PS4
TEST Garfield Lasagna World Tour PS2 to PS4
TEST I Ninja PS2 to PS4
TEST Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories PS2 to PS4
TEST Guitar Hero 1 PS2 to PS4

:idea: To share PS2toPS4 PKGs use SPOILER tags in the comments below, or add them to the private sections once Verified following the PS4 FPKG Sharing Guide instructions.

Cheers to @tecniqueza on Twitter (Tecniqueza's YouTube Channel) for the heads-up on this earlier and the image below! 🍻

Guitar Hero Encore Rocks the 80s PS4 Pro
PS4 OVER 400 PS2 GAMES RUNNING PERFECTLY (Bortoloti PS2 Games for PS4)
Latest PS2toPS4 PKGs Testing Results by Bergolino Gamer.jpg


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