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Hi everyone, I was finally able to compile and run packages using Unity, many of you ask to me how to do it so I wrote a tutorial which can also be found below.

I hope many of you join to the PlayStation 4 scene and help developing PS4 homebrew, or follow THIS guide via VitaHex covering how to setup Unity to develop PS Vita games :)

Also @jocover has made available both a Space Shooter.pkg and tank.pkg HERE for those interested!

Let me know if everything goes fine.

Best regards.

How To Build With Unity PS4 FakePKG

In order to build with success using Unity PS4 you need to be sure your setup is complete.


1. Install PS4 ***. There is a release out there you have to look for. (Krome Mods)

2. Install Unity 2017.2.0p2. (You have to look for the version capable to build for 4.55 PS4 release).

3. Install Unity PS4 2017.2.0p2 for the same release than Unity 2017 release.

4. You can also install Monodevelop from the preferences menu option within Unity Editor. You can, anyway, install Visual Studio as IDE.

5. Once PS4 *** is installed you have to replace the Publishing Tools which are located in PATH_SDK/ORBIS/Tools/Publishing Tools/ with the FakePKG tools you can download from: Publishing (4.6 MB)

6.- Create a Unity account if you still don't have one.

7.- Set the license. You can do this in first Unity startup, or in the Help menu, by selecting Manage License. Then, select Activate License, and set yours.


Create a new project, or open an existing one, or just import one of the packages as samples you can also find out there.

2. When you ready to build the project select File -> Build Settings.

3. Set the window as show in next image.

How to Compile and Build with Unity for PS4 FPKG by RetroGamer74.PNG

4. Now click in Player Settings button on the bottom left side of the Build Settings window.

How to Compile and Build with Unity for PS4 FPKG by RetroGamer74 2.PNG

5. Usually the environment variables of the *** are set in the system, and Unity does not require you set the *** path, but I prefer to set it.

6. Now press build Button. Take in mind, this build won't work. We do this build to retrieve 3 files we need for the final build. So in the File Dialog, create a new folder out of the project and set it a name. For example Build. And then select the folder and continue.

How to Compile and Build with Unity for PS4 FPKG by RetroGamer74 3.PNG

7. When the built is complete browse the folder Build or the name you set and go to the sce_sys folder.

How to Compile and Build with Unity for PS4 FPKG by RetroGamer74 4.PNG

8. Copy next 3 files from sce_sys folder.

How to Compile and Build with Unity for PS4 FPKG by RetroGamer74 5.PNG

9. Paste the 3 files copied into the upper project folder

How to Compile and Build with Unity for PS4 FPKG by RetroGamer74 6.PNG

10. We'll use those 3 files in the Publishing Settings of the Player Settings. So go back again to the Build Settings window. Press Player Settings button, and in the Inspector select the Publishing Settings. Now you have to use those 3 files in the options: Share parameter file to set shareparam.json, pronunciation.xml set to pronunciation.xml, and pronunciation.sig to pronunciation.sig. We have to do this because we're going to build a non development package, and to use that we have to set those 3 files.

How to Compile and Build with Unity for PS4 FPKG by RetroGamer74 7.PNG

11. Finally set Build Settings -> Build Type: PS4 Package and remove any check from the checkboxes.

How to Compile and Build with Unity for PS4 FPKG by RetroGamer74 8.PNG

12. Set parental control to 1 in Publishing Settings. If you keep in value 11 which is default you will get an error about invalid parental control number.

13. Now you can click Build, and you can do more builds without repeating all the steps shown here. You have to do this only once for the project. Remember you empty the folder Build before you try to compile again, because Unity requires build folder be empty if you are going to create a different Build Type, which is the case. We changed Build Type from PC Hosted to PS4 Package. After that you can build more times without clean folder while you create always PS4 Packages.
If anyone wants to try something for fun.

Download: [plain]ED1633-XDPX20004_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100.pkg[/plain] (166.69 MB)

  • 5.05
  • Must have had Gost Recon Wildlands installed Open "PS4 Tools" click triangle.
Trophies will now be unlocked Have fun ^^
Unity PS4 tip: If it ever complains about a constructor class missing just add a link.xml file in your assets folder and exclude your dll from being stripped.



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Any build project results in a E-FFFFFFFF when i try to start.
Can you provide me with a working project, that i can use for further testing?


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Again, Can we have the default passcode used on everything please, Even Scene groups follow this simple rule, Your not protecting anything just making it harder to work with these pkgs



I try to add the licence but the website tell me : License is already assigned. If you think this is incorrect, please contact support

An idea ?
They block the licence now ?



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This tutorial has to be incomplete. There must be something missing, and what doses to 3 mean, step 2 install unity yet step 3 is install ps4 unity for the same version? What's that mean!?

Anyways I followed the tutorial, license activation worked. But when I go to build, I'm told "ps4 module not loaded, and I'm unable to build for ps4 because of this. Would anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks.
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