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Recently there has been a few threads that allow people to run the PS4HEN from things like Android or Rasberry PI and it came to mind the same thing can be done with little effort from a wifi usb stick.

So here is a bit of info on that... the wifi stick i used was a 16gb Connect Wireless Stick and you will need PS4-HEN-VTX.

Just plug the usb stick into your pc and copy the exploit folder from the PS4-HEN-VTX ( archive to the root of the drive.

Unplug the usb stick from the pc as it will not serve files over wifi while it is plugged into the usb port.

The wifi usb stick has its own battery and you can turn it off an on pressing a button on the side of it. turn it on, a light will flash on it to indicate that it is on.

Goto the PS4 wifi network settings and look for the SanDisk Connect XXXXX ssid and setup the connection using the auto settings, there is no need to set dns and stuff.

Once the ps4 is connected to the wifi stick open the WWW broswer and goto and you should have the list of files on the stick.

You can then go into the exploit folder and select index.html and it will launch the exploit.

You can also make a bookmark to and it will launch the exploit straight from the bookmark

There is also some settings you can use to change the ssid and add WPA2 password to the wifi connection and set the power save timer (auto off)

Some pictures...

List of files
How to Host PS4HEN for 4.05 on Wifi USB Drive Guide by Stooged.jpg

Exploit folder
How to Host PS4HEN for 4.05 on Wifi USB Drive Guide by Stooged 2.jpg

HEN success
How to Host PS4HEN for 4.05 on Wifi USB Drive Guide by Stooged 3.jpg

How to Host PS4HEN for 4.05 on Wifi USB Drive Guide by Stooged 4.jpg



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Dammmnnn thxxx stooged , damn thhhxx ohhh looord , now i can update :)).

Many say i must refresh , refresh and try and try is that true or is it like the 4.05 and better ?




1. first make sure you have wifi enabled usb stick like in first post (this will not work with standard usb)
2. extract so you get folder usb_455_hen
3. move usb_455_hen folder to root of usb
4. turn on wifi usb stick and set up internet connection on ps4 (you can automatic or manual set the dns ip for small ftp transfers like icons and dbbackup)
5. connect to usb through ps4 web browser with ip address (ip for sandisk wifi usb is
6. in ps4 web browser navigate to index.html inside usb_455_hen folder and load link
7. wait for page to refresh as many times as is needed until it says "You're all set!"
8. bookmark index.html for convenience

same method works for dumper and ftp


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So runing this is the same thing like runing a ps4-exploit-host from Alazif on PC then choosing 4.55 exploit and then then loadin a paylod ps4hen yes ??? = ps4-exploit-host (with runing exploit +loading paylod ps4hen) ????


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@stooged i have question. your base on v2 exploit or v1 ? I mean this :

In the midst of all the PlayStation 4 scene excitement today, PS4 developer qwerty still managed to release a PS4Brew full 4.55 PS4 Jailbreak followed by a bugfix update in 4.55 PS4 Jailbreak v2 with some changes details....


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I miss on stooged nothing , a powerful devloper thx for everything what you presents here , really thx and a good stuff.

any one can create :( vortex 1.4 Hen beta as index.html for wifi usb ??

Pleaseeee. Thxxx

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