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This work-in-progress guide comes from pelloempire via @cameronx in the PSXHAX Shoutbox. If you have a PS3 and can test it out let us know below if it works or not for you! :)

To quote: Ok first of all this is not my work just have an idea how to work something out .... i order a ps3 n its not coming until the next 2 weeks time.. so could someone test this method for me ??

1. Download this file plz: Minecraft_PS3.rar

2. Download this too, some injector:

3. Download this tool: PS3Tools 4.8.1

a) backup your ps3 to your usb ... then transfer it to you pc

b) install the tools n create a folder on your local disk and name it "PS3"

c) extract the game you download (minecraft) your gonna see "minecraft pkg"

4. In the folder you created "PS3" install the injector tool there

a) copy your ps3 backup folder into the injector "backup folder"

b) copy the minecraft pkg file into the pkg folder

5. Run the retailer.exe as admin

a) press 1 (that should be your backup folder) and press 1 again

b) press 7 (should be minecraft pkg) press 1 to select it then press B to go back

c) press S n then type ok

d) wait

e) when it says go to output folder

f) copy the folder in the backup folder and the paste it on your usb

g) try restoring it 17

The sendspace link it not ready need (i only put it there cause its a tool that can verify the restore data.. but just this out and get back to me please asap)

:arrow: Update: Here is another new method work-in-progress to try out from bigjokker, to quote:

Anyone with IDPS and OFW 4.81 willing to test new 4.81 Backup method?

Download - 4.81_Retailer.rar

Put your IDPS in the main folder. It would look like "idps.bin"

Put Backup files (i.e archive.dat) from your PS3 in the backup folder. Now in the folder with ps3xport.exe in it make sure nothing in folder is highlighted. Hold down SHIFT and right click in folder. This will bring up a menu select "Open Command Window Here". Click it.

On the CMD line paste ps3xport ExtractPSID backup/ psid.bin

That will create your psid.bin file in folder

Now put both Converted game folder and update folder in "non-protected/dev_hdd0/game" folder. So they both should be in the last folder game.

Now in your converted game right click on LICDIR and select cut. Go into "protected/dev_hdd0/game" and rename the "NP---------" to your games name. Go into that folder and paste the LICDIR in there. So it would look like "protected/dev_hdd0/game/NPUB12345/LICDIR/LIC.EDAT"

Now pull up the Command line again and Paste ps3xport SetPSID psid.bin SetDeviceID idps.bin CreateBackup PS3/EXPORT/BACKUP/201412242359 Non-Protected Protected

Wait until the CMD prompt returns then it is done.

You will have a PS3 file backup. Put it on fat32 USB and restore in ps3.

It works on my OFW 4.53 system but I don't have a PS3 on 4.81. If it does work please let us know.


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No prob.. hopefully someone with a PS3 till try it, sold mine over 4 years ago and I have little interest in PlayStation 3 myself these days only PS4 :D


well i was gonna buy that one .. but if i did i couldnt pay for 4 controllers to play call of duty advance. so thats why a bought a cheap ps3 but no 3.55 n like am not in the states .. ps3 only for multiplayer games like 4 of us .. well lets hope some success comes out of this method


when injecting pkgs. Application get closed show unexpected ....... it closes flash of sec
I tried these on 1.70 ,2.0 & 2.01 true backup injector
anyother way to inject it becoz of problem causes


tried by extracting the pkgs and injected and it is giving error 80010017 and now while i was checking game update in ps3 it shows minecraft 1.37 which was about 619mb i will check and tell after completing and install update

it is working after updating through ps3

my ps3 4.80
initially,does this method work for converted games using covert.bat?
it doesn't require convert.bat i injected it directly after extraction


yes i am. but um did you do the steps i said n you got minecraft to work ????
i just wanna know if you got minecraft to work n if its the steps i said you follow .. because amma test it on fifa 16 next .. so can you tell me what you did before i download it .. its like 6 gb .. for fifa 16 dont wanna download it n its a fail .so did you follow my steps n minecraft playing on ur ps3?
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