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Following the PS3 Game Backups on OFW 4.70 guide, this method by me (Hibatullah Albatawy on YouTube) details how to make PS3 CFW games work on any PlayStation 3 OFW with a summary from @djurist located HERE.

Note that it needs two units of PS3 the CFW as the master and OFW as the target.


1. download GAME_CONVERT.rar
2. extract it to C:, it will be PS3>Game Convert>Convert.bat and make_npdata.exe
3. copy any PS3_GAME that have LICDIR folder in it, if it doesn't have then you have to find it yourself with LIC.DAT Generator online
4. paste it inside Game Convert folder, it will be PS3_GAME, Convert.bat, make_npdata.exe
5. double click Convert.bat, type NPxxxxxx, these x are your retail game id. for instance, the game id is BLES12345, then you must type NPEB12345.
6. wait untill it finishes its job
7. make a glass of hot cocoa
8. when it's done, you can see a new folder exist.
9. download the patch update for that game (BLES12345) and extract it. put the eboot.bin out of it. place it in NPEB12345/USRDIR/
10. create a folder named TEST on an external HDD (FAT 32)
11. copy NPEB12345 and BLES12345 (the extracted patch update), paste it into folder TEST.
12. on PS3 CFW 4.81, copy the two files into dev_hdd0/game..
13. do Rebuild Database
14. the game will be shown in XMB
15. turn on PS3 OFW 4.81 and plug an ethernet cable and connect it to PS3 CFW one.
16. on CFW, go to Settings> System Settings> Data Transfer Utitlity> pick number 1> say no> say no> waiting for transfer> enter
17. on OFW do the same way, but pick number 2, just wait till it gets questions for asking to format, hit yes and yes.
18. and transferring, happy waiting
19. drink your no longer hot cocoa
20. profit

PS3 CFW Games On OFW Console.jpg



Senior Member
how about if i can't find the "patch update"?

i want to install NIER, but there is no "patch update" for BLUS30481. can some one help me.


Senior Member
pls help on how to inject nba2k17 have tried many times no luck...
Update it from internet before start it.
for me i have never played any game, i ended up getting error 0006 ..which is eboot error i think... i need help guys
just put the eboot from update manually in usrdir from the game, check the tool you are using, maybe the problem.
how about if i can't find the "patch update"?

i want to install NIER, but there is no "patch update" for BLUS30481. can some one help me.
Nothing to do without updates or demos or psn versions.
excuse me but a dtu of 130gb can take how long please
2-3 hours.
can anyone help me with beyond two souls (bces01122)?

I have tried all: rename sdat, install cfw data, different methods of converting... It always ends in blackscreen...

thanks in advance
check the russian forums
I have tried couples of numerous time converting games using their update patch but still yet i can succeed in running them on ofw 4.81, all i get is error playing game.

then i realized that the best way to get patched games play on ofw 4.81 is to have a PS3 that is already running on cfw and do transfer to a PS3 running on ofw.

i think before the end of 2017, a new cfw will be out that won't require downgrading to 3.55 before hacking. is there any so far?
where are you been, downgrading to 3.55 was prehistoric since many years ago.
Splitted files with 66600, 66601 , 66602 extensions , do they affect the compatibility after converting a game ? I know splitted files are mostly recognised by cfw , i don't know about ofw.
just merge them and redo it all.


is there a way to return back the converted games into its original state (before converting "PS3_GAME") to be use in Jailbroken PS3 thru USB HDD


Hey, are there any changes to this method according to the newest available tools? Is this the "most number of compatible games" method for DTU injection? Or best UPTODATE DTU method?

It's my first time doing it. Any pointers?

Also.. Is IDPS required? If so.. do we need the IDPS of the OFW console or the CFW console? (Can OFW console IDPS be even extracted?)
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