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Proceeding the PS4 Icon Project with PS5 Style Pack, PS4 PluginX V1.0 PKG to Change BGM / Icons and his previous Brain Splitter 1.01 PS4 Homebrew Game PKG release PS4Scene developer @Lapy shared on Twitter today an Icon Mask Beta 1.00 PS4 PKG homebrew application to change the appearance of PS4 icons with a single click alongside several updates below. šŸŽ­

Download: LAPY20007_V1.08.pkg (57.9 MB) / Icon Mask 1.08 source code.rar (13.1 MB)

Spoiler: Depreciated

In the Tweets below, he states that more masks and better options will come soon and this app wouldn't be possible without the help of DouglasSampai15 with thanks going out to both Wr0zen and Starkiller_1991 on Twitter.

He also notes, to quote: "If at any time you do not see the option to change the system icons as well, it is that the app failed to obtain R/W permissions. This happens sometimes especially with GoldHen. Try restarting the app or turning ON the FTP option in GoldHen."

Finally, for those who would like to directly support his continued work in the scene LapyGames has a PayPal page set up for donations. <3

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Icon Mask (Beta) PS4 PKG Homebrew Application by Lapy05575948.jpg



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Going to download this now and give it a try, thanks!

Update: When asks to reboot PS4 to apply changes, close application, logout of user, give it a minute or so and log back in and you should see the icons have changed.


Currently checking the instructions will try this soon, i just need to gather a bit of courage before executing since i don't want to mess-up my console but thank you in advance. :)
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