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Is it, or isn't? is indeed the latest PS4 homebrew game PKG written in C++ by @nkrapivindev (Nikita Krapivin on Twitter) for use on hacked aka Jailbroken PS4 Consoles that was built with the latest OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain v0.5.1. 😻

Download: IV0000-BREW91909_00-NIKPS4HOMEBREW00.pkg (14.9 MB) / GIT

If anyone gives it a try let us know your thoughts in the PlayStation 4 (PS4) Scene Forums or comments below... better yet, make a YouTube video of it in action and we'll add it to this article. Meow! 🐈
Is it, or isn't ? PS4 homebrew game PKG by nkrapivindev via donatelo27
Is It, or Isn't A PS4 Homebrew Game PKG Written in C++ by NKrapivin.jpg



Great Work.
Am currently researching the link between the ps4 browser and the ps4 main system, How the whole thing launches to see if maybe some time in the future i might write an exploit to start and load the browser which in turn would load the main exploit minimizing the user interaction.

Maybe am just too lazy :LOL::LOL: or curious to see if i can contribute somewhere. just a btw would it be ever possible?
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