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Well, well... after my Streaming Sites article and newfound friend KODI (XMBC) today @Jeff let us know in the PSXHAX Shoutbox that Toyota 12303 is developing and planning to release a PlayStation 4 Theme for the popular media center with a demonstration video below! :love:

From the video's caption: Kodi / XBMC Media Center Skin - PlayStation 4 Theme

PlayStation 4 theme for Kodi / XBMC. This skin is not yet released, though I plan to release it soon :)
Older Demo Videos of the Kodi PS4 Skin:
Definitely looking forward to giving it a try, also thanks to @kazookid0 and cheers to the developer Paul Boomsma who is credited on the controller tab for making this fan-freakin-tastic looking skin for PS4 fanboi's like me to use on our Kodi media centers! <3 (y)
Kodi  XBMC Media Center Skin PlayStation 4 Theme by Toyota 12303.jpg


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I have been using Kodi/xbmc since its inception on the original fat xbox :)

Pretty much know everything about it including how to do customizations and tweaks, edits in the install files.
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