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Since @XVortex created a java payload version of PS4HEN that doesn't require you to push it using a PC, thanks to his web/java version, I have searched for a way to get this working without a web server needed.

It comes to my mind that PS4 supports BD-J (for Java) for it's Blu-ray Live (BD-Live) and that it has persistent storage and ability to do virtual storage as well.

The process is simple:
  • create a menu for Blu-ray to call ps4-hen-vtx that will load payload.js and the rop.js
  • burn the Blu-ray disc (create an iso)
  • play back in PS4 and click on the menu to load the payload
I will be playing with this more this weekend, but meanwhile, if @XVortex or someone else wants to give a try, go ahead. That will be a perfect so the PS4 is independent of a web server.

More info here ;
Loading PS4 Payload from a Blu-ray (Server-less Option) BD-J.jpg



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When I read this one of the guys I thought of was @misthalu who took his BD-J Game Demo and ended up with Ukko's Journey as the first "Blu-Play" homebrew game for PS3, PS4 and XB1 :D

Anyway, this is interesting stuff so we'll mainpage it and hopefully some others may take a peek into it as well. (y)
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