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Proceeding his recent PS4 Mod Tools Guide, @MODDEDWARFARE shared a new tutorial via Twitter on how to make your own mods with PS4 Cheater using a 5.05 jailbroken console. ;)

Also for those who haven't done so already, be sure to check out his YouTube Channel where you'll find lots of other handy video game console guides including some on jailbreaking a Nintendo Switch with free Custom Firmware! (y)

How to make your own mods with PS4 Cheater (5.05 Jailbreak)
PS4 Cheater - Making a Pointer (Short Tutorial)
Making PlayStation 4 Mods with PS4 Cheater Guide by MODDEDWARFARE.jpg



Thank you, most time using infinite health make game crash after playing why is that ?? Can you please do video how use debug watch

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