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PS3 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Apr 26, 2016 at 8:30 PM       5      
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Today franzes80 announced the release of Mamba PRX Loader v2.1.5 with Autoloader (unofficial) for the recently released PS3 4.80 CFW followed by some revisions below!

Download: MAMBA_PRX_Loader-master.rar (14.9 MB) / GIT

To quote, roughly translated on the changes: The Orion developer has released a new version unofficial application Mamba PRX loader in version 2.1.5 originally developed NZV.

This tool offers all the great features of a CFW Cobra, except the start of ISO PS2-PSP, on any normal CFW.

The homebrew MAMBA also allows you to upload and / or plugins VSH (with MAMBA or PRX Loader) by two different ways: at boot time or later and is compatible with all CFW no cobra up to 4.80.

Mamba PRX Loader 2.1.5 & Autoloader (Unofficial) Changelog:
  • Added support CFW 4.80
:arrow: Update: From comes MAMBA / PRX Loader v3.1.3 followed by v3.1.4 from _NzV_ / Rancid-O (aka @RancidoPS3ita) which now supports 4.81 CEX / DEX CFW.

Download: MAMBA_PRX_Loader_3.1.3.pkg / MAMBA_PRX_Loader_3.1.4.pkg

Mamba / PRX Loader 3.1.3 (Unofficial) Changelog:
  • Added support for CFW 4.81CEX
Mamba / PRX Loader 3.1.4 (Unofficial) Changelog:
  • Added support for CFW 4.81DEX
Mamba / PRX Loader 4.84.1 Changelog:

:arrow: MAMBA/PRX Loader 4.84.1
Mamba / PRX Loader 4.84.2 Changelog:

:arrow: MAMBA/PRX Loader 4.84.2
Mamba PRX Loader 2.1.5 + Autoloader (Unofficial).png


First , Thanks for new version. :)

How this auto loader works ? It means prx loader will start automatic when console turns on? Because when I turn off my ps3 and then turn it on , I need to run again mamba prx loader to load plugins :(

There is any solution to start prxloader auto?
my cfw : ferrox 4.80

My problem was fixed :D
Only hold CROSS button to install MAMBA/PRX Autoloader.
Hi again :rolleyes:

first , thank you @PSXHAX :D it's ok :eek:

Some people reported that when they want to run "updated games" , ps3 will freeze and they need to unplug power.

So , I tested what they said and when I tried to run some games like gta v & batman arkham origins after update with pkg files , my console freezed ... But some games like arkham asylum after installed dlc for them , was work correctly ! so what can I do right now ? :oops: any body can fix this problem ? :D
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