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PlayStation 3 developer Andreas Oman updated Movian PS3 Media Center to version 5.0 today, which features a new user interface that works better with touch devices!

Download: movian-gh-5.0.pkg / movian-5.0.pkg / movian-5.0.self

To quote from the official blog via PS4 News: Movian 5.0

Finally I've decided to put the 5.0 release out. Downloads are available here.

This release comes with a new user interface which works better with touch devices as Movian is now also available in Google Play store, get it here.

Highlights from this version, in no particular order:
  • New "flat" user interface
  • Official Mac OS X builds (with built-in updater)
  • Official Android builds (with built-in updater)
  • Improved screen saver
  • Better video decoding support on Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi 3 supported
  • Show current time in top-right corner
  • Hardware accelerated video decoding on Android
Have fun!



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Thanks, i know that, im a day one user of showtime, and always testing the pre-releases. Tested this, found some interesting options on menu, but for the common user, 4.10 is enough.

Ps3 is limited (and aged) about codecs and formats, so nothing new on that side. Anyway despite the ugly flat b&w menu (obviously for mobiles) is a good work as always.

The GOOD THING ive found is i can turn off the R2-L2 search now, finally!!


Update the Navi-X Plugin and fix that ever loving pain "the memhole", and I could possibly use this again. Anytime Movian since, 4.09 has used its own cell specific codecs its been pretty crappy.
But this is good news because its forward progress and Movian and still chirping along after what? 4-5 Years now?
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