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Last month Movian 5.0 was released, and more recently Andreas Smas made available Movian Remote Control for Movian 5.0.39 and newer versions of the PS3 Media Center.

Download: movian-gh-5.0.66.pkg / movian-5.0.66.pkg / movian-5.0.66.self / Movian Bleeding Edge Builds

To quote: Movian Remote Control

I've finally finished a project I've been working on for a long time.

To put it simply it let you use Movian as a remote to control itself on another device.
For example, you can use Movian on your Android Phone or Table to control Movian on your Playstation or Raspberry Pi.

Available from Movian 5.0.39 and up.

movian-stpp-discover.pngAll running Movians on your local network will appear inside the Local Network item found on the Home screen.

Tap the Movian icon and you will immediately gain control of the device. Both user interfaces will now work in lock-step.

You can even have multiple controllers connected simultaneously and all will stay in sync with each other.

Video playback

During video playback an alternate screen is shown on the controlling devices rather than also dispalying the video. All controls and settings are also found on the controlling device.

Makes it very easy to select subtitles, adjust video pan, etc without disrupting the main view.


The ability for a device to be remote controlled can be turned off in Settings -> Network

You can pin devices to the Home screen on your controller in Settings -> Discovered Media Sources

Hope you'll like it. I certainly do.

Over and out,