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Since the PS Vita GTA: San Andreas Port VPK surfaced, developer N00b_B1scu1t shared on Twitter a Need For Speed 4 (NFS 4) Remaster Prototype PS Vita Build VPK for Electronic Arts gaming fans still with a PlayStation Vita handheld console. :D

Download: NFS4PrototypeBuildA2.vpk (53.73 MB)

Spoiler: Depreciated

In the Tweets embedded below @N00b B1scu1t notes to expect a lot of bugs in the NFS4 PSVita VPK Remastered Prototype, detailing the video game's controls as follows:
  • X accelerate.
  • [] brake.
  • (L) steer.
Need For Speed III - Hot Pursuit - Single Race: Hometown (1998) (WINDOWS)
Need For Speed 4 (NFS 4) Remaster Prototype PS Vita Build VPK by N00b_B1scu1t.jpg



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Much respect @N00b B1scu1t, this (NFS3: HP pc) was one of my fave games back in the day. Music was on another level (RIP Saki Kaskas :cry:). Porsche Unleashed and High Stakes were pretty good also.

N00b B1scu1t

NFS3 was my first 3D game. NFS4 was even more amazing to me with the ability to see inside the vehicle while in 3p view.

Real life causing delays aside, I am having a bit of trouble with some programming aspects, so the project is taking longer to get into a beta state rather than prototype.

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