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PS4 Jailbreaking       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date May 2, 2016 at 7:07 PM       30      
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Following his announcement of a Kernel Exploit for FreeBSD 10.2, today PlayStation 4 developer CTurt revealed news of a new FreeBSD kernel exploit which he says will be published for PS4 developers to examine once the security team patches it.

Below are the related Tweets:

As always, we'll add updates to this article as they become available! :)
FreeBSD 10.2 Kernel Exploit.jpg


I think he just does the respectable and responsible thing and submits security holes to the appropriate companies, in this case The FreeBSD Project, and gives them the opportunity to patch it before releasing his findings 'in the wild' for hackers to make use of.

As you probably know, some companies (such as Google) even pay for such submissions crediting the founder which looks good on a resume too depending on what field you're in. ;)
Yeah actually it may be of use later. perhaps the other hackers will find ways into the sytem or already have even before he submitted this bug. or perhaps this new exploit is just not going to get fully patched all the way. time will tell but i agree that it seems there was little point in this article. xD kind of controdictary. lmao
He doesn't say this exploit is for FreeBSD 9 (= Orbis PS4) or 10. He even does't say that this exploit is for PS4.
Maybe this exploit has nothing to deal with PS4 ?
dude probobly any! IF it's a FreeBSD 9.xx (ORBIS / PS4) Exploit! ask him if it's 9 or 10. @Space Monkey :D Maybe @Chaos Kid Can deliver some clear answers to your question as t owhenther wha ti justsaid is correct or not? as well BEFORE DOING SO... Hello Chaos Bro!! xD
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