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Proceeding the PS4 Homebrew WIP this weekend PlayStation 4 developer @theorywrong released OrbisAFR on Twitter which is an Orbis PS4 Application File Redirector payload (OrbisAFR.bin) used to edit game files by modders... eventually leading to some new and exciting PS4 game mods! :love:

Download: / GIT

According to @CelesteBlue via Twitter, this is basically the PS4 equivalent of RePatch (GIT / Fork / Latest Alpha) for PS Vita consoles. (y)

To quote from the OrbisAFR

Orbis (PS4) Application File Redirector

OrbisAFR is a payload for edit in-game file easily. Add Skyrim mods, Minecraft texture or any other things without re-buid PKG !

The principle is simple, all new (or replace) data is stocked in /data


For example, i want to edit the intro of Black Ops 3 The introduction is here:
I have just to upload a new .mkv in
Now if OrbisAFP is loaded, the .mkv was loaded from /data and not /mnt/sandbox/... !

All file added in /data/CUSA02624/ is like file in /mnt/sandbox/CUSA02624_000/
  • If the file exist in /data/CUSA02624/ and in /mnt/sandbox/CUSA02624_000/, the file in data is used
  • If the file doesn't exist in /data/CUSA02624/, OrbisAFR use original file from /mnt/sandbox/CUSA02624_000/
  • If the file exist in /data/CUSA02624/ and not in /mnt/sandbox/CUSA02624_000/, the file in data is used
OrbisAFR doesn't just replace, but can also add new file in a game ! (Sorry for my bad english :p)

Tekken 7 Mod by warez007
OrbisAFR Orbis PS4 Application File Redirector by TheoryWrong.jpg



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What the what. Can’t wait to see what pops off this. I was always curious about Skyrim and fallout 4 considering fallout let’s you mod game already except Ps4 of course. And missed the [email protected] out of both games on Ps3. Not mention borderlands and the gold keys too


is it just a case of running the orbisAFR.bin file to get this to work ??? because there is no notification to say its on or not


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SKYRIM mods. (pc mod in ps4 is working but so many step just to put 1 file), Fallout 4, GTA V graphics mod. looking forward to this project. tnx

i remember same hax on psp (but on xmb only like boot, logo, icons, music) so you dont need to compile it all over again. i still have this plugin on psp.. hope someone put tutorial for this. esp. skyrim and fallout. tnx


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Nice but I prefer a program that dont require update for fpkg only. I hope that there are neat program allowing you to update original pkg for fpkg games.
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