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Today MeTheKing let us know (thanks to mtnjustme for testing) of a few useful Python scripts recently released by n1ghty, specifically PKG_List which is a PKG list generator and also PKG_Rename which -as you guessed- is a PKG renamer for PS4 package files based on UnPKG by @flatz. :cool:

Download: (3.4 MB) / (3.4 MB) / PKG_List (Latest) / PKG_List GIT / (3.1 MB) / PKG_Rename (Latest) / PKG_Rename GIT / PKG_Tools (Latest) / PKG_Tools GIT

From the, to quote: pkg_list

PKG list generator for PS4 pkg files by n1ghty

This file is based on
  • UnPKG rev 0x00000008 (public edition), (c) flatz
  • Python SFO Parser by: Chris Kreager a.k.a LanThief
This tool parses all pkg files in the specified directory/directories recursively and then generates an excel sheet from the parsed infos.


python <paths to pkg directories>

e.g.: python "D:\PS4_pkgs" or python "D:\PS4_pkgs" "E:\second_pkg_directory" "C:\third_pkg_directory" or for current directory: python

pkg_list v1.01 Changelog:
  • added recursive directory parsing
  • fixed file ending case sensitivity
And from the other, to quote: pkg_rename

PKG renamer for PS4 pkg files by n1ghty

This file is based on
  • UnPKG rev 0x00000008 (public edition), (c) flatz
  • Python SFO Parser by: Chris Kreager a.k.a LanThief
The pkg files will be renamed to the sony format. (e.g. UP4511-CUSA01127_00-PPPPPPPPTTTTTTTT-A0100-V0100.pkg)


python <your_pkg_file>

e.g.: python "D:\some_random_file.pkg" or python some_random_file.pkg

:arrow: Developer pearlxcore also made available a PKG Tools GUI which according to the is a GUI version of PKG Tools by N1ghty which handle the process of renaming PKG and exporting PKG to excel format (.xlsx).

Download: PS4_PKG_Tools.rar (16.9 MB) / / GIT / PKG.Tool.GUI.exe (12.9 MB) / GIT

This tool require python 2.7.8 to be installed.

Instruction :

1. Assuming python is not installed, launch 'PKG Tools GUI' and click on 'Install python'. Wait until the installation is done.
2. Once installation is done, click again 'PKG Tools GUI' to ensure python is installed.
3. Click on 'Install pip' and wait until installation to finish.
4. Click on 'Install XLSX' to install xlsxwriter.
5. All above step is need to be done once. For the next time you don't need install that again.
6. Click on 'Open folder' and select folder containing PKGs.
7. Now you can choose either to rename the PKG or export the list.

Credit : n1ghty and cfwprophet
PS4PKG_List PKG List Generator & PKG_Rename PKG Renamer by N1ghty.jpg



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You can rename pkgs to whatever you like, the PS4 doesn’t care what they are called, they will still install. This script is useful if like me you have downloaded a load of pkgs and have them all in a folder on your pc with their cusaxxxx original names. I have run this script and now I have a nice excel sheet that tells me which cusaxxxxx pkg is which game and I can now rename them


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A really useful tool, thank you very much for bringing this to life ... already works very well (y)
I'm just wondering about some errors ...

Some of my stored (f)pkg's just won't get recognized and throw errors like:
ERROR: parsing of param.sfo failed. Invalid app_ver length.
ERROR: invalid file magic

Issues related to the pkg i guess?

I used the latest *.py directly from git

Unfortunately the is causing issues too ...
It's correctly recognizing the pkg's name, but seems like it can't rename?

python Persona.5.PS4-DUPLEX.pkg
Renaming pkg to EP4062-CUSA06638_00-PERSONA512345678-A0100-V0100.pkg
ERROR: unexpected error: <type 'exceptions.OSError'>
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 252, in <module>
    os.rename(pkg_file_path, pkg_new_file_path)
OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

OS is Ubuntu ...
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