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PS3 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Nov 26, 2017 at 11:56 PM       12,270       7      
We've seen PS3 homebrew applications including IrisMAN and WebMAN Mod updated to support PS3 OFW 4.82, and now following his previous revision PlayStation 3 developer _Slash_ has updated the PS3 Backup Game Manager to Play Manager v1.11 with the changes detailed below.

Download: Play Manager v1.11.pkg (2.71 MB) / sm_default_aggressive_src.7z (119 KB) / 4.82 SPRX's for Iris Forks

According to @PLAYER 1 who passed along the news it also includes an updated core SM (System Manager) supporting 4.82 CFW CEX to show temperature notifications in the PS3 XMB. :thumbup:

To quote from _Slash_ via ElOtroLado, roughly translated: After a long time of inactivity in the scene, I leave you the new version of the Play Manager.

Play Manager v1.11
  • Added support for the CFW 4.82 CEX
  • Added the option of temperature notifications
  • Several minor corrections
To show the temperature notification only once, simply press the button combination on the SELECT + L2 on the XMB, if you want the notifications to stop showing, simply press and hold the SELECT + L2 buttons until you hear a beep on the button. the console (this means that they have been activated permanently), to deactivate them, simply press SELECT + L2 again and you will hear two beeps in the console indicating that permanent notifications have been deactivated (this way of activating / deactivating notifications in a permanent, take it as an idea of the Irisman code in case someone becomes familiar).

In the Control Fan & USB Wakeup section I added the Temp Display Interval option which is the time it takes the notifications to show, by default they are in 10 seconds, the minimum that can be set is 4 seconds and the maximum 60 seconds.

The Temp5 option will be called Temp5 / Warning and when the temperature becomes equal to or greater than the specified one, it will send a temperature warning message along with 3 beeps (the temperature is also shown) which will be displayed every 6 seconds and as long as it does not lower the temperature that was specified in Temp5, it will not stop showing that warning.

Also update the sm to use it with the latest CFW.
Play Manager v1.11 PS3 Backup Game Manager 4.82 Update by _Slash_.jpg



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I think if someone could modify the menu where the power off and turn off controller is that would be sick so you could hold down the ps button than have access to all your menus instead of having to do button combos


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Play Manager is highly recommended to install on FAT ps3 models, that way you will always have a cold start of your board.

Also if your slim only knows MultiMan, this is your next step to keep it safe from yellow lights. (and can run much better ps1 and ps2)

To do that even better you can install SM updated 4.82 and from the beggining the fan will run above its default speed.

But with the manager only you have just to enter and will hear the fan regulating the temperature untill the console is turned off. And can select 5 different profiles.

The temperature monitor is based on HERMES (estwald) combo, the IRIS creator, so i dont know how much could be modified. I'll say that to Slash, thanks for the idea.


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Be patient, the guy wrote that late at night, just a typo before sleep.

Of course it is CUSTOM FIRMWARE 4.82, dont follow that link. When HAX recover some neurons all will be fine.


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I meant it as "Since Sony updated their official Firmware to OFW 4.82, these apps now support version 4.82 also."

So they support Sony's current / latest numerical value for the PS3's System Software. :D