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ps4 pro I accidentally ripped out the power connector when trying to clean the inside. I follow the instruction on jumping to an alternate spot with the connector not attaching to the board just the 4 wires.

now when turning on when push power button it beeps one time then solid blue light stays on for about 15 seconds but fan does not spin then turn off.

I tested the fan and it does work and the blue ray player does eject. This is the 1st time for me. any help would be appreciated. thank you.

has this question had answered somewhere else? I've been searching everywhere in this site I don't see it.


Is ACDC-STBY needed to be connected even if using the standard PSU? My legs came off for PIN 2 and 4. I am planning on reconnecting Pin2 to the back of the board on the blue indicated as per @finalman but curious to know if that connection is needed?



I have a ps4 slim with a broken psu.
I connected ps4 at psu:
  • pin 1 to +5vsb
  • pin 3 to GND
  • pin 4 to +5vsb
  • pin A to +12v
  • pin b to GND
  • psu on/gnd bridge
Why the ps4 don't rebooting?


i have a problem with a ps4 pro CUH-7115b, which when turned on shows the blue led and a beep for a second and then turns off. It does NOT give a chance to put it in safe mode.

I have tried everything from opening it and changing thermal paste, cleaning all the dust, letting it rest for 1 week without power, etc.

I have read that some users have temporarily fixed the problem by opening the power supply and bridging the 5v pin.. and the standby pin of power supply then, they connect it to the play4 and with that, they get to turn on the console , the disadvantage is that since it will receive 12v constantly, because when turning it off, they must disconnect it from the current when they are not using it.

I want to try this method, I don't lose anything by trying, but I don't know how to make a bridge, could you help me?


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Make sure your power supply is not the problem. See the following video.

Bridge ACDC_STBY and +4.8V on the 4 wire cable coming out of the PS4's power supply.

If your PS4 power supply doesn't output +12V it is faulty. If it does your PS4 motherboard is faulty.

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