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Hi Finalman, thank you for the help. can you give more information what the each wire does? are you using a 2N4401 Transistors..

i have ps4 pro, when you turn on the console blue light comes on and turns back off, I stumbled upon the horrible fact that I had accidentally ripped off the pad connection 2. which is (ACDC_STBY) on 4 pin Supply from the Motherboard. Can still use Atx power Supply.. power the ps4 without need of (ACDC_STBY) pin 2.


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A missing Pin 2 would not cause a BLOD unless it's shorting on another trace look at the area closely and see if that's not the case if not then something else is causing the BLOD.

The transistor and resistor are purely for the PS4 to turn on and off power supply but since your Pin 2 is gone this wouldn't work anyway so don't worry about that section instead on the PC Power Supply ATX connector just bridge a GND and PWR ON to have it on permanently. For testing I use a straightened paperclip to joint the two.

WARNING: Make 100% sure you bridge the correct points otherwise you may end up dead.

With the joining of the two main power pins use either solder or cable crimps \ lugs. For the small connector you can solder to the connector legs.

To power the PS4 Join two +12V wires to pin A. Join two GNDs to pin B. Join +5V SBY to Pin 1 and 4.

+5V SBY is 5 volts that is on all of the time.


The following should work but is untested by myself.

Alternatively use the PS4 power supply. Since you have damage to the ACDC_STBY rail \ circuit you will have to set it to always on mode for testing purposes, do this by bridging pin 1 and 4 on the motherboard or on the PS4 power supply.

Once again untested by myself - So Use at your own risk or the risk to your PS4.


Finalman thanks again for the help.

Just Like to Clear something. If the pin 1 pin3 pin4 were touching the motherboard, but pin2 had no connection on the motherboard. and if i were to install ps4 power supply back in the ps4 pro still should power up with the orignal power supply, Without pin2 ACDC_STBY.

Because one of you post you stated Technical:
The PS4 sends 3.3v up the ACDC_STBY rail to tell the PS4 power supply to turn on the 12V. It maintains this line at 3.3v while the PS4 is on. When the PS4 is in standby no voltage is applied to this rail.

Hi finalman,

Just Like to ask, isn't there any other point on the motherboard Like of ACDC_STBY pins


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No it won't work with only pin 1,3 and 4 connected because Pin 2 is for the ps4 to tell the PS4 power supply to turn on and off the 12 volt on the two big power prongs. The ps4 needs 12 volts to startup and run.

Since the ACDC_STBY signal aka pin2 has a break in the circuit there is no direct path between the motherboard to the power supply to send the 3.3v to the PS4 power supply to tell it to turn on the 12 volts.

To make the PS4 work again you will need to follow the ACDC_STBY circuit from the damaged area and find a spot further down the line to tap into then run a wire from there to the pin 2 on the connector.
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