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Following the PS Classic Teardown, it's been only a few days since the official PlayStation Classic Launch and already Sony's mini PlayStation Classic console has been hacked with PS Classic hackers demonstrating PlayStation game swapping videos of the feat! :love: :bananaman6:

According to a Twitter reply from yifanlu when asked if Sony botched up PS Classic security signing with public keys, he stated "No rather they used GnuPG to sign/encrypt and they left in their private keys." :LOL:

Below is the latest progress / videos from bakueikozo, nvsofts, puhitaku, yifanlu and others including anima22 via emuonpsp demonstrating a PlayStation Classic root shell through the UART serial connection with a script and replacing / swapping out stock games such as Battle Arena Toshinden with their own including a Crash Bandicoot (Prototype) to get them running on the PlayStation Classic! (y)

EMMC dump of PlayStation Classic with SD card reader-[Extra edition] dump PlayStation Classic EMMC-Zopfcode
Finally connected
PlayStation Classic, I tried to put the shell to rewrite eMMC
I rewrite the root of the/etc/passwd to laugh and the timing is too same www after, because it is a style that does not fear God, the w that is mounted and rewritten in the D0 connection without taking backup of the dump, Since I put it in the console from here dd if =/ dev/mmcblk0 in the image acquisition
I actually made the image file of the game and tried to load it. I don't see the place where I'm stabbing, but I read it from USB memory. It's completely manual now, but it can be properly incorporated if you do well. PlayStation Classic hack done. Play so far. Chingin, get back to work...

PlayStation Classic hack complete. I can play any games from my shelf. Load game image file on USB storage.
gg Sony please learn what a private key is kthxbye
Apparently Sony used a public key to sign software on the PlayStation Classic. People are basically just laughing at it now and loading images to test on the system.
PlayStation Classic root shell through UART serial script:

# You need to solder to the UART port and short the two pads under the PCB near the charger.
# Baud rate: 921600

red_led () {
  if [ x"$1" != x ]; then LOOP=$1; fi
  if [ x"$2" != x ]; then SLEEP=$2; fi
  for i in `seq 1 $LOOP`; do
    echo 1 > /sys/class/leds/red/brightness
    sleep $SLEEP
    echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/red/brightness
    sleep $SLEEP

if [ ! -f "/tmp/ran" ]; then
  touch /tmp/ran

  #mount -o remount,rw /
  dmesg -n 1
  ps -aux > /dev/ttyS0 2>&1
  systemctl stop
  systemctl stop console-getty.service
  systemctl stop [email protected]
  killall agetty
  /sbin/agetty -a root -8 -L ttyS0 921600 xterm

  red_led "6" "0.3"

sleep 60
No rather they used GnuPG to sign/encrypt and they left in their private keys.
Oh, wow. That's even worse.

Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight - Dancing the unhacked PlayStation tears away
Running Crash Bandicoot (Prototype) on PlayStation Classic
Running Crash Bandicoot (Prototype) on PlayStation Classic [YouTube Mirror]
Running Custom Games on PlayStation Classic from Internal Storage
PSClassic imbNES with PSClassicEdit
Spyro on the Playstation Classic?? by DaveeFTW via DEFAULTDNB
There is already a PS1 Classics Emulator Compatibility List started on the Wiki and for those who recall it, Sony's previous epic fail was in the incorrect implementation of the PS3 ECDSA which revealed the PlayStation 3 console's private cryptography key allowing scene developers to completely decrypt any firmware and modify it. :D

Here are some other PlayStation-related Tweets lighting up Twitter today, including what appears to be an MSXOrbis game .ROM browser and OpenGL for PS4: :fire:

Spoiler: GPGHAX

Spoiler: Depreciated

Add your own Game to the PlayStation Classic using a USB Flash Drive: Spiderman
PlayStation Classic MTK bootrom hash:

Spoiler: dump_bootrom.bin

Some also report using BleemSync can help get the most out of the PS Classic, to quote roughly translated:

BleemSync is an application to launch PlayStation Classic games from a USB storage device, which supports multi-disc games and creates everything needed to be loaded on PlayStation Classic.

:alert: Warning: BleemSync overwrites parts of the system files to allow safe changes, changes the user interface to display added games, and supports multi-disk games.

Download: BleemSync (Latest Version) / GIT / BleemSync Central Missing Games Spreadsheet

From the, to quote: BleemSync


:arrow: Update #2: A PSClassicTool.exe GUI is now available from elierodrigue making the above process simpler for many, with details from the as follows:

Download: PSClassicTool / GIT


:arrow: Update #3: Morphisor also made available a PSClassicEdit application with details from the as follows:

Download: / GIT


RetroArch ported to PlayStation Classic! :)
Download: (106.06 MB)
HOW TO USE Dual Shock 4 (PS4) Controllers On The PlayStation Classic With Analog + Rumble
From Dev genie (ala nuagedan100) also comes PSClassicMiniGui version 0.1 to add your games quickly and easily!

Download: (1.8 MB)

PlayStation classic with BleemSync v4.1 - loading the entire USA library

by cloudedan100

Download: Ps_Classic_Mini_Ultimate.rar (1.9 MB)

And from pascl comes pbPSCReAlpha which is used with PSClassic in order to view, edit and Re-sort Alphabetically the contents of an USB drive used with bleemsync.

Download: / GIT


Finally, some additional video guides are available HERE for multi-disc games and running PSP games using the PSC PPSSPP Core (PSP Emulator) on PlayStation Classic. :D

Cheers to ZachZS for the heads-up on this PlayStation Classic hacking news earlier today! :beer:
PlayStation Classic is Hacked, PS Classic Game Swapping Videos!.jpg



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Some more updates on multi-disc / PSP games with PS Classic:

How Multi Disc games work with the PlayStation Classic and Bleemsync 0.4.1
  • PSC PPSSPP Core (PSP Emulator)
Download: (16.0 MB)

What does it emulate?

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)

This is the PPSSPP emulator for the PlayStation Classic. It’s been tweaked and optimised to run as best as it can on the console however mileage might vary depending on what game you are running with the core. Speeds should generally be good with some graphical glitches expected.

If you experience any graphical glitches but your game runs well you might want to try setting Block GPU on. It will reduce performance but it will also reduce the graphical glitches. There are also a number of various core config settings under the RA quick menu which you might want to try adjusting to get the settings tweaked right for each of your individual games.

Installing the core just requires dropping on top of your preexisting RetroArch setup how how-to videos are available below.

Any BIOS files required:
  • N/A – Already bundled (OSS)
Core Info file:
display_name = "Sony - PlayStation Portable (PPSSPP)"
authors = "Henrik Hrydgard"
supported_extensions = "elf|iso|cso|prx|pbp"
corename = "PPSSPP"
manufacturer = "Sony"
categories = "Emulator"
systemname = "PSP"
systemid = "playstation_portable"
database = "Sony - PlayStation Portable"
license = "GPLv2"
permissions = ""
display_version = "Git"
supports_no_game = "false"
firmware_count = 1
firmware0_desc = "ppge_atlas.zim (PPSSPP Data ROM)"
firmware0_path = "PPSSPP/ppge_atlas.zim"
firmware0_opt = "false"
notes = "(!) ppge_atlas.zim (md5): a93fc411c1ce7d001a2a812643c70085|(!) PPSSPP requires the asset files, lang folder, and flash0 folder inside the 'system\PPSSPP' directory.|(!) Check to find out how to get the assets files."
ModMyClassic Youtube Videos:

How to play PSP games on the PlayStation Classic with Bleemsync 0.4.1.
How to play PSP games on PS Classic
How To: PSP Running on PlayStation Classic - 2019


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LOL, seems that Sony got totally different expectations when starting to sell this :D

For 25$ I also would take one, but I don't expect that it becomes much cheaper than 50€ here in Germany


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RetroArch and BleemSync (v0.7) USB Ready with all cores including PS Vita core!! Just add games and Play!! via ftpxtrax

Download: RetroArch & BleemSync v1.rar (102.1 MB)

:alert: Also a quick PSA: It appears the True Blue PS3 & Stargate 3DS / NX scammers (GaryOPA and Max Louarn) are back peddling PSX game backups disguised as another useless dongle device for PlayStation Classic on avoid this like the plague, don't be lazy and simply follow all the info in the OP to do it yourself instead of wasting any hard-earned money on this junk.

True Blue Mini Ultradrive Quick Video Preview


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Hurrican game for PlayStation Classic console via ZiL0G80:

Download: Hurrican[PSC] (57.57 MB) / Hurrican[PSC] (Mirror)

install: format flashdisk to fat32, unpack .zip to root, insert to psc, plug ac, switch on and enjoy :p
had forget flashdisk must have label SONY
How to add more games to your PlayStation Classic using Retroboot 0.4.1


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Finally also our German reseller got it for 60€ available, but due to less time I won't buy it.

Even got less time for my SNES mini and PS4
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